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4th Apr 2015 08:25am
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[iOS] All4 Jailbreak Detection Bypassed

All 4 Jailbreak Detection Bypassed

One of my Tweeters asked me the other night if I am having any problems with the AppStore, so I decided to download an App to see if there was any problems and there wasn't. However this App was Channel 4's newly named thing instead of it being 4oD ("On Demand"), it's now All 4 - bit wank IMO.

So anyway, I opened it up and was presented with this screen ...

All 4 Jailbreak Detection Bypassed

... immediate thought, Flex!

And within 20-30 seconds I got this instead ...

All 4 Jailbreak</a>... <span class=[read more]

6th Feb 2014 07:49pm
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Sochi 2014: Channel 4's - Gay Mountain

Channel 4 - Gay Mountain Promo

A few hours ago Channel 4 showed off on YouTube what their creative team, 4Creative, have got up to for the start of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. And being Channel 4 - notable for many years of LGBT related programmes - they decided to go gay with their promo.

The 90-second promo which will air on Channel 4, E4, More4 and 4Seven tomorrow (Friday) at 7pm, then at 9pm and 10:30pm tomorrow night on Channel 4 features a "bear" singing a very camp song, Gay Mountain. After watching this... [read more]

15th Jan 2013 06:51pm
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Controversial 'V' by Tony Harrison

Ooooo, I love a bit of controversy on the TV and/or Radio, but planned controversy?! Don't think I remember anything controversially planned since Jerry Springer: The Opera, though once again the BBC are back doing it - yay! This time, on the Radio-side of broadcasting. BBC Radio 4, will, on Monday 18th February at 11pm air the reading of a poem titled, "V" (which stands for versus) by Tony Harrison. This poem caused a fair amount of controversy when it was first published in Tony Harrison's Penguin Selected Poems in 1985, mainly because of the amount of obscene and offensive... [read more]

7th Jan 2009 03:39pm
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New Shameless Trailer!

Here is the new Shameless trailer if you haven't already seen it. :)

(Starts last week of January 2009!)

22nd Oct 2008 12:51pm
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Winners Song Arrived

Geraldine McQueenYay, my CD turned up today. I thought I'd support Peter Kay for his latest thing, so I got the Geraldine McQueen's song "The Winners Song" from HMV. It arrived today, also 2 Up 2 Down's version is on it too with "Losers Version" wrote after the title of their song. Right, time to overplay the song!

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