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26th May 2015 04:01pm
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Geography 101: England, GB, UK or BI

There's still a huge amount of confusion, not just with foreigners, but also with the citizens of this great land regarding what certain places are called. The main reason I decided to bring this up is because where the house is that I currently live in is supposedly in about 4/5 different named areas... and it causes major confusion when I try explaining it. Anyway, this isn't about me, it's about this wonderful nation/country/whatever... do we call it Britain? Great Britain? United Kingdom or the British Isles?

To save the confusion, I believe this quick Geography 101 I've... [read more]

31st Jan 2013 09:31am
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8th February 2013


Now if you remember me saying in my previous post that after that day (24th Jan) I will no longer be 95% human, 5% stainless steel ... well sadly that didn't happen. Yes, the operation got postponed. Again. What made it worse though is that I received the phone call to tell me it'd been cancelled when I was already halfway to the hospital - we had just drove through Coleshill and the phone signal was crap. Though, I do remember a street we passed and I had to take a picture - just for the sheer fact of it... [read more]

12th Oct 2012 07:30am
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Oh bugger... Britains Got Talent Audition

Checked my emails in the early hours of this morning and noticed one titled "Britain's Got Talent - Your Audition" and immediately thought, ahhh it'll be something just to say that "due to the thousands of applications, we regret to inform you that you have not been excepted" ... well it didn't quite turn out like that... yep, that's right... I've been given an audition. An audition for Britain's Got Talent.

Britains Got Talent Audition Accepted


Well it seems I must get myself sorted out then for the audition... oh god, what am I going to do?! Be... [read more]

4th Jun 2012 01:01pm
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Manday #12 - Craig Worsley

Now, my favourite from The Mend, the very adorable and fit, Craig Worsley. He seriously needs to do nude pictures!

Craig Worsley
Craig Worsley
Craig Worsley
Craig Worsley
Craig Worsley
Craig Worsley

4th Jun 2012 12:02pm
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Manday #11 - Kris Evans

You will recognise Kris Evans as the very social one from Britain's Got Talent's group and wildcard, The Mend.

Kris Evans
Kris Evans
Kris Evans

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