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17th Jan 2009 05:39am
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My goodness... ain't you getting old now mother... just remember that "Things to do before you're 40" list that you made years ago. He he. Happy Birthday Mom... love you loads. =]

Also yes... I will sing on the karaoke tonight ... :p

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16th Jan 2009 02:00am
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Last Minute Dash?

It's my Mother's Birthday on Saturday (So technically tomorrow) ... and I haven't got her anything ... not a present nor a card. One reason is because I never know what to buy her for her birthday and secondly is the fact I've only got 45p in my bank account... grrr... I hate that she has a birthday at this time of the month as I never have any money whats-so-ever. I'll just have to make her a card or something... makes me feel like a bad Son sometimes... hopefully she'll understand.

What do you lot do when you can't fund... [read more]

7th Nov 2008 08:51am
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Happy 21st Birthday to Me!!

Wow... hard to believe I've been on the planet 7,670 days!! Well now today I am 21 and sadly still growing older day by day. Anyways feel free to wish me happy birthday - the link is at the top of all my networked sites. :-)

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9th Aug 2008 08:58pm
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Happy Birthday RJ

My little brother, RJ turned 4 years old today, so happy birthday mister. :D Look what I've done for you too...

Happy Birthday RJ
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