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27th Sep 2008 12:07am
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BBC Weather Revamp

I love stuff about the weather and one site I usually check is BBC Weather ( and I ended up finding tonight that they're going to be revamping the weather website with the new look that the BBC main website has already got. The new design does look good, as it is very Web 2.0 (thats the name for a website that have stylish / new stuff on it like gradients, AJAX, ect...).

BBC Weather (Old Design)
BBC Weather Old Design

BBC Weather (New Design)
BBC Weather New Design

21st Aug 2008 06:07pm
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QI Series 6 on BBC One

Get your brain caps on and reconfigure your digital video recorders as QI is to return within the next few months for the sixth series with the questions revolving around the letter "F". QI got the third highest audience share last year on BBC Two and because of this, it is being moved to BBC One! (Yay!) Rumours are that it will be on BBC One on Friday nights.

20th Aug 2008 06:36am
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BBC Breakfast Error...

Who is the plastic women on BBC Breakfast? She ain't half a daft bint or I am dumb... but she said about the strike today in Scotland to do with the bin collectors and leisure centre workers and she ended up just saying "Teachers are not known to strike so children will not have the day off today." ... but ... erm ... ain't the kids all on their Summer Holidays? Daft cow.

14th Aug 2008 04:06am
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Analog TV Website Pages

I've been following the amount of pages Google has indexed for my big project Sound Upload - currently there is 38,400 pages. Then I thought, I wonder how many pages are indexed for the five current analog television channels here in the UK. Below are my findings...

TV Website Pages

  • BBC One - 115,000 Pages
  • BBC Two - 92,200 Pages
  • ITV1 - 72,600 Pages
  • Channel 4 - 1,620,000 Pages
  • Five - 30,200 Pages
From my findings the Channel 4 website has plenty more pages than the others, however BBC One and BBC Two are two different sections... if I checked the whole of the BBC... [read more]
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