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12th Feb 2010 10:16pm
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Who killed Archie Mitchell?

If you're an Eastenders' fan like myself, then you'll more than likely be currently still interested in this long running storyline of "Who killed Archie Mitchell?". Well we ain't got long left now till we know who the killer is and the best bit about it is that even if you look online everywhere or if you're a friend of one of the cast, then you will NOT find out ... no matter how drunk you get them. Why? Well it's simple... they've been given 9 different scripts - one for each of the suspects if they were the killer... [read more]

8th Feb 2010 11:37am
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Haiti Earthquake Charity Single

I've just been checking out the latest news on the BBC News website and came across the "video premiere" for the Haiti earthquake charity single and to be honest, I found it quite good and have been suprised at how quick it's became available - considering the earthquake (measuring 7.0rs) happened only a few weeks ago (16th January 2010).

image taken from screenshot of music video, ? BBC

The song is a cover of REM's 1992 single, Everybody Hurts and features Susan Boyle, Leona Lewis, Mika, Rod Stewart, Alexandra Burke, James Blunt, Robbie Williams, Cheryl Cole, James Morrison, Aston... [read more]

11th Jun 2009 03:15pm
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Pete Doherty Arrested (again)

I just checked the news on BBC News and I saw this on the ticker "Singer Pete Doherty arrested on suspicion of drink driving and drug possession" ... now come on... that end bit is a bit shocking, the drug possession! When does he NEVER have drugs on him. Goodness me.

1st Apr 2009 05:45am
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The 4th Dimension and Science Stuff

Wow! I've just been watching BBC Horizon on the iPlayer and have really learned something amazing. Other than finally understanding about all the usual mathematics that you learn in school when doing geometry (1 dimension - a line, 2 dimensions - a square, 3 dimensions - a cube) ... I'm starting to believe the theory of the 4th dimension.

Now during the episode, I did start understanding a lot more about other things... but the one thing that got me really thinking about it - oh hold on... need the toilet... ... ... ... right am back, where was I... oh... [read more]

29th Oct 2008 11:14pm
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Russell Brand Quits, Jonathan Ross Next?

Wow. Talk about things being blown out of proportion!

Ok, I hate Russell Brand and can't understand Jonathan Ross however I think this recent "prank call" incident has just gone off the rails a bit. Ok, so what? They did 4 prank calls to Andrew Sachs... with Jonathan Ross saying Russell Brand has slept with his grand-daughter. To be honest, I'd find that more amusing than anything else... not because the fact I ain't got a grand-daughter... but just for the sheer comedy behind it. However Andrew Sachs' Grand-daughter, named Georgina Baillie - yes, I don't know who to hell she... [read more]

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