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17th Feb 2015 06:34pm
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Atherstone Ball Game 2015

Atherstone Ball Game

For the first time in over a decade, this has been my first year of not actually being in Atherstone for their annual Shrovetide Ball Game (or "Atherstone Ball Game" or more commonly known as "Ball Game"), so I've had to rely on social media to know what's happening.

Now, for those of you that don't know where Atherstone is (be it if you're within the UK or from some foreign land), it's a small town (in England) situated along the A5 between Tamworth and Nuneaton... it's in the Coventry postal district (CV9) and within the county... [read more]

5th Mar 2014 08:23am
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Atherstone Ball Game 2014

Every Shrove Tuesday, the little peaceful Warwickshire town of Atherstone transforms into what looks more like a warzone - with all the shops in the main highstreet being boarded up. Then a crowd gathers in the centre of the town outside Barclays Bank and awaits 3pm for a large ball to be chucked from its upstairs window into the feisty crowd below... a scene of madness ensues as everyone scrambles for the selection of ribbons on the ball, that have monetary value.

Once the ribbons have been attained by the folks below, the ball game takes a nice and steady pace,... [read more]

22nd Feb 2010 01:14pm
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Atherstone Ball Game 2010

Shrove Tuesday in Atherstone saw another game of the yearly Atherstone Ball Game. Roughly 901 years old now, this game begins with large crowds gathering in the main street (Long St) and await the huge ball to be thrown out of Barclay's Bank window. Once it's thrown out the people in the street boot the ball up and down the street for about an hour and a half, then once that time is up the mayhem erupts and everyone goes for the... [read more]

23rd Feb 2009 04:07pm
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Atherstone Ball Game 2009

Well Atherstone is already starting to prepare for the wonderful 800 year old tradition of it's Shrove Tuesday Ball Game.

So far Keri Anns, Lloyds TSB and Somerfield have already boarded up their fronts and the pubs are fairly empty as people are saving up for tomorrow.

So, what is this Ball Game you speak of Dale? Well to those people that don't know anything about it, let me give you an extract from the Atherstone Ball Game website about it.

The game begins at 3pm when the ball is thrown by a... [read more]