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9th Mar 2015 07:00am
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UK Eurovision 2015 Entry

Eurovision 2015

Ahh, booze, cheese and politics... no, not the forthcoming general election, but Eurovision - the yearly singing competition for countries within Europe (and Israel ... and Cyprus ... and Armenia ... and Morocco ... and Australia.)

Yes, it's coming to that time in the year, where countries put aside their political differences (that is until the voting lines open) and send in their country's karaoke champions to battle it out in an evening filled with the glitz, gla-*chuckles*-mour, talen-*chuckles*-t ... ok, ok, I'll stop.

So the entry for the United Kingdom was revealed the other day, a song titled... [read more]

24th Jul 2013 08:24pm
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Welcome, Prince George of Cambridge

Royal Baby, Prince George of Cambridge

So the latest addition to the Royal Family and now 3rd in line to the throne (probably much to the utter disappointment of Prince Harry, who - as radio chart shows usually say - has fallen one place to fourth) has arrived, been pictured and finally been named.

The name chosen by Kate and Will for the future King is George Alexander Louis or to give him his current title Prince George of Cambridge. Though this did seem a bit problematic for Australia's Business Insider website, who ran the name as George Alexander... [read more]

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