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23rd May 2012 05:06am
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Steve Allen - Benefits Culture

Audio clip of Steve Allen having a usual moan about Britain's benefits culture.

4th Aug 2009 01:41pm
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Sound Upload

I've just been sitting and thinking and I believe I may actually be able to have Sound Upload running the same as how it used it, with the allowing of uploading and downloading of non-commercial audio files.

Must get pen-to-paper and work out some figures...

9th Apr 2009 06:31pm
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Record From Your Computer in Vista

This is a feature that a lot of people who liked to record Skype calls, record streaming audio and other various audio recording tasks used when on Windows XP, however upon using Windows Vista you cannot find the "Stereo" / "Line in" option in your Recording Devices.

Many people believed that Microsoft had got rid of it, however it's still there... it's just hidden. Here is how to get it working again.

1) Right click on your volume option down in the system tray and selected "Recording Devices".
Record From Your Computer in Vista

You should now see something like this (usually... [read more]

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