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17th Feb 2015 06:34pm
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Atherstone Ball Game 2015

Atherstone Ball Game

For the first time in over a decade, this has been my first year of not actually being in Atherstone for their annual Shrovetide Ball Game (or "Atherstone Ball Game" or more commonly known as "Ball Game"), so I've had to rely on social media to know what's happening.

Now, for those of you that don't know where Atherstone is (be it if you're within the UK or from some foreign land), it's a small town (in England) situated along the A5 between Tamworth and Nuneaton... it's in the Coventry postal district (CV9) and within the county... [read more]

5th Mar 2014 08:23am
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Atherstone Ball Game 2014

Every Shrove Tuesday, the little peaceful Warwickshire town of Atherstone transforms into what looks more like a warzone - with all the shops in the main highstreet being boarded up. Then a crowd gathers in the centre of the town outside Barclays Bank and awaits 3pm for a large ball to be chucked from its upstairs window into the feisty crowd below... a scene of madness ensues as everyone scrambles for the selection of ribbons on the ball, that have monetary value.

Once the ribbons have been attained by the folks below, the ball game takes a nice and steady pace,... [read more]

30th Apr 2013 01:48am
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Tues 30th Apr - Atherstone

A large police presence prevailed on Atherstone in the early hours of Tuesday 30th April 2013, around 12:35am (BST [GMT+1]). The noisy copper-chopper was around circling and pointing its light towards the canal area and adjacent streets for about 30 minutes, before turning off and flying away. Various other reports from social media websites have chucked up information of a huge amount of police officers and police dogs.

At the time of writing this, there's been (unconfirmed) 4 arrests after lads ran into some flats. The helicopter was able to locate them and the police officers have been bringing them out... [read more]

1st Apr 2013 02:32am
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Street Lights Out In Atherstone

Part Night Lighting scheme in Atherstone

That you see above is the current view from my house looking out into the street. Yes, it's dark. Very dark. (There's only 42 different shades of black in that image)

Now even though this looks very eerie and more like something you're used to seeing down the lanes or in a mass-murdering horror film, this is in fact a main street in Atherstone (where I live). It seems North Warwickshire Borough Council have came up with a silly crack-pot idea (probably whilst on crack - may I add) to save £500,000, reduce... [read more]

9th Jan 2013 01:20pm
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Smashing Night

Smashed Window

Just when you think you live in a nice quiet place, that (above) happens... but it's not the first thing to happen since we've moved around the corner and they ain't random attacks - well not that we know of anyways. It seems a possible person is to blame for this, which happened last night at 6.55pm and as you can see it was a poor throw as it only broke one pane of the double glazing. Besides this though, we've had the cars back window put through too a few weeks ago. Oh and to... [read more]

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