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21st Sep 2012 11:48pm
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Huge Meteor / Fireball Seen Across UK

It seems a nice huge meteor has recently been seen all over the UK.

Huge Meteor / Fireball Seen Across UK
(Source: @huneh)

Just been looking through my tweets on Twitter about 20 minutes ago and came across people mentioning about a random meteorite in the sky. Obviously loads get witnessed everyday, but this one was supposedly huge! One person I follow did post a picture he took of it, but I can't find the god-damn tweet...

Also reports of it being seen have came in from all over the United Kingdom with people asking if it was a... [read more]

1st Apr 2009 05:45am
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The 4th Dimension and Science Stuff

Wow! I've just been watching BBC Horizon on the iPlayer and have really learned something amazing. Other than finally understanding about all the usual mathematics that you learn in school when doing geometry (1 dimension - a line, 2 dimensions - a square, 3 dimensions - a cube) ... I'm starting to believe the theory of the 4th dimension.

Now during the episode, I did start understanding a lot more about other things... but the one thing that got me really thinking about it - oh hold on... need the toilet... ... ... ... right am back, where was I... oh... [read more]

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