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9th Apr 2010 12:59pm
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One Dream That Won't Be Fulfilled...

Due to upcoming events in less than 2 weeks, sods law always states that dates always clash... and yes, they have. My operation is on the 21st April 2010 and this audition is for the following Saturday (24th April 2010) ... grrrr! Oh well, always got next year...

8th Feb 2010 01:09pm
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Resealable Can

Always annoyed by your drink going flat when you buy a can of pop? Well you don't need to worry anymore as there's now a new resealable can with a twist-shut lid that can supposedly keep your drink fizzy for upto 24 hours after first being opened.

The price of the can is ?1.19 though as it's likely to be more expensive to manufacture, though the can isn't the regular 330ml size - it's a bit bigger, being sold in 485ml cans.

The can is due to be released in April 2010.