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27th Oct 2013 07:28pm
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Halloween 2013 Costumes

With Halloween a few days away, many places have already been having Halloween parties (some places will be having theirs this coming weekend) and it's nice to see various costumes that people decide to wear. Some are just plain silly, some are worth a giggle and others are just plain freaky.

I've found a small selection of costume ideas from this year, some you'll instantly know (from films etc..) ... oh and the final one is the best one! Enjoy.

Halloween 2013
Halloween 2013
Halloween 2013
Halloween 2013
Halloween 2013
Halloween 2013
Halloween 2013
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1st Feb 2013 12:36am
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February Already

I cannot believe it's February already and we're on our 32nd day into 2013! Thinking about it, we're only 4 days away from being a tenth of the way through the year and what have I done with the start of 2013? Nothing. Was I suppose to? Yes!

I had high hopes and aspirations for 2013. In my head I saw this year - after last years amazing events to turn myself around and stop being the slob that I am, sort myself out, get a job, get stable (not a horse type of stable), look after myself a lot more... [read more]

19th Jan 2013 02:32am
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London New Year Fireworks 2013 Music

After some bollock-aching searching, I have finally came across a clean version of the music mix that was used for the London New Year Fireworks 2013 display.

Track List
Nero - Me And You
Willy Moon - Yeah Yeah
Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus
Electric Light Orchestra - Mr Blue Sky
Take That - Shine
Simˇn Barrera - Wide Awake vs Paradise [Katy Perry & Coldplay]
Public Enemy - Harder Than You Think
Sam and the Womp - Bom Bom
Psy - Gangnam Style
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7th Jan 2013 10:22pm
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London's 2013 New Year Fireworks

Normally the world's eyes are always on Sydney, Australia's fireworks when it comes to the New Year, however I believe the display from the Aussie's this year wasn't upto scratch. It was very "spaced out" and patchy and there wasn't so much of the iconic bridge being used either - though I did notice the beautiful golden waterfall effect, that was beautiful. However it seemed this years winner was without a doubt here on our home turf, London.

London 2013 New Year Fireworks - Duration: 11:52 - Size: 156MB

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