Dale's Programming Playground

Just a little list of the random stuff I've personally done... any questions? Contact me.

Dale's Android Playground


Converts various different types of temperatures from Celsius to Fahrenheit or maybe even Rankine or Kelvin. Also you can convert various methods of Weight, Length, Area, Capacity and Volume.

Dale's PHP Playground

Lottery Generator

Unsure what numbers to choose for the lottery? Why not use these randomly generated ones below - and good luck!

Muddle A Word

Type a word below and click the "muddle" button and your word will be come muddled up. Muddle A Word can be used as a fun Guess The Word game.

Password Generator

Do you need a random password? Why not use this handy generator below, for creating a secure password from 1-50 characters in length.

UK Lightning Maps

View auto-generated lightning strike maps within the United Kingdom over the past few weeks.

UNIX Timestamp Converter

Got a UNIX Timestamp and want to know what time it is?

Dale's Twitter Playground


To save having "follower hungry" people on my Twitter.

Conversation Starter

Unsure what to say to start a conversation? This tool will help you.

Geo Search

Retrieve tweets within a certain range using the latitude and longitude of a location.

Twitter Stats

Find a bit more information about your Twitter account.

Weather Tweets

Automated tweets showing weather information for Atherstone.

Dale's Windows Playground

dhIMG Instagram

dhIMG Instagram is a free program that allows you to download images and videos from an Instagram profile.

dhIMG Tumblr

dhIMG tumblr is a free program that allows you to download the images from a tumblr page easily.

dhIMG Twitter

dhIMG Twitter is a free program that allows you to download the images from a Twitter profile easily.


dhRadio is a handy nice and snug fitting program to listen to the radio on, that hides away in your system tray to not clog up tabs or taskbars.

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