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The forum software MyBB have released a security update (1.02) which tackles a problem exposed about javascript being ran in print view on forum posts. This and a few other problems have been fixed and released.

» MyBBoard.com Security Update
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*Woo* Well I got to try out MSN 8 just a minute ago, and I must say its bloody UGLY!! Check out the login screen, the contact lists, and the convo window.
MSN 8.0MSN 8.0
MSN 8.0
It's bloody YUK!!
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Oh yes! Skype 2.0 has been launched today... with the added feature of WEBCAMS :D I ain't tried a webcam-2-webcam thing yet... but hopefully if its as clear as a voice convo, it'll be wicked!!
Skype 2.0 Webcam

? Download Skype 2.0
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Wooo! The forums are now open for discussion. At the moment they don't have a highly graphical appearance, but over time i'll add the trademark balls and line borders into the forums. :) So go check them out now!!

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I'm just gonna say, even though I ain't myself using phpBB (as I think it lacks many good features), update it to 2.0.19. I placed a copy of phpBB 2.0.18 on here to test out a few things on, and was able to hack myself with a XSS attack - allowing me to gain access to my username and password remotely (meaning other people can too without you knowing). The link to the update is below. And remember be safe!

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Woo! Forget that shaby time on your bottom tool bar ... he he ... view our time! Oh yes... a whole page dedicated to.. well the time.

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Just thought i'd plug a website (as much as I hate advertising). The website is called A Reason to Smile. All it is, is a website that shows pictures of people smiling, simple but very great! I'm the 10th person on there (from the right - newest additions get put at the front). Now you can add your smile on there too, by going to their site and sending them an email with a picture of you smiling, and a link to any charity (either something that means a lot to you, or you just like). Oh and in the... [read more]
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HAHAHAAA!!!! A friend of mine has just shown me a persons profile on FaceParty, and well ... I must say "OMFG!!! HAHAHAAHAAA ROFLMAO!!" Check it out, his username is elrey_25, and well his pictures are awful. He says he is a "Brad Pitt lookalike" is he heck!
Brad Pitt lookalike
Also check out this picture with a comment on it saying "Like my toned body?"
Like my toned body?
I've never seen anything so ming in my life! However this profile has made me laugh a lot!!

? FaceParty --> elrey_25
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About 40 minutes ago £9,500,000 was given to charity!! Why? I'll tell you why ... because someone, who brought a lottery ticket in Doncaster, lost it, after not claiming it and it having its 180 day claim time expiring. Wounded! Thats all I can say, wounded! I could have done with £9.5 million, oooo all that chocolate and WKD-Red I could buy :D

Tell me, what would you buy with £9.5 million pounds?? Use the comment system on this news story to tell me.

» BBC News Online Story
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Well it's finally the New Year! Woo! Welcome 2006 :D
Anyways, I'm just going to say that some of the new changes are starting to happen, as you can see the font has changed around the site, giving it a more "bloggy" feeling, also i've added a new page called 'utilities', which will contain just random files (either system, or notes, ect..)
Oh and just wanted to say that over 100 people have listened to my first podcast, and many of them have commented on me sniffing. Whoops, it was bad, and NO I was not snorting cocaine. :p
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