21st Oct 2005 06:00am
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Half term... mmm.

Well it's coming upto half term at college, and well time has flew! I remember getting offered a 'you know what' on my second day here, and i've made loads of friends. I'd just like to say thank you to everyone who has been nice to me throughout this half term. And i'll see you all after half term! [read more]

8th Oct 2005 06:00am
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More artwork viewable

If you head over to the artwork section, you will find more pieces of artwork that I've created. [read more]

5th Oct 2005 06:00am
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gossip section coming soon

coming soon to Dale Hay . com, a gossip section, where you will find all the decent juicy gossip from around north warwickshire and hinckley college. so if you've heard a decent rumour or a decent bit of gossip - i wanna hear from you! just use the contact form to send the information to me, cheers! [read more]

30th Sep 2005 06:00am
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new section opened - jokes

i needed a laugh, so i've added a small jokes section, it only has a handful of jokes, but i'll obviously keep adding to them. so feel free to head over and read them. [read more]

29th Sep 2005 06:00am
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dalehay.com officially opened!!

over the past 2 days dalehay.com was open but only a few selected people knew, however it's got a new style and now contains a few more worderful things, and all of it should be viewable as i have corrected the blog, so hopefully the college internet blocker doesn't block that page. enjoy viewing the site, and don't forget to check for updates! (oh and also spread the address around - please)

[read more]

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