7th Dec 2005 05:00am
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*woo* Me loves MSN!

It's December 2nd and I notice this email from MSN in my inbox.

MSN, me Congratulations

'I wonder what this is?' I ask myself... well I click it and read it...

Reading Email

I've what? Won an MP3 player AND free music downloads?? Ok then, I've never won anything before, so anyways I enter my contact details and send the message back.

Today (7th) I receive an email back saying this...

Reading Email 2

So I head over to MSN Music and enter the contact details I was given... and there's me thinking 'Oh yeah, they're only gonna give me about... [read more]

5th Dec 2005 05:00am
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Is Dale going to die?

Well it bloody well feels like it. At the moment I've (still) got a tight chest and breathing problems, and it's currently 00:44 in the morning... NHS Direct got back to me and told me to take 2 paracetamol's and wait 2-3 hours... so that's like what... about 3/4am ... then if the pain is still there to goto 'New Doc' or something at my local hospital. Now i'm just considering just going to bed and forgetting about it, but what happens if in the night I die? Well we'd be a tad messed up won't we... anyways i'm just... [read more]

22nd Nov 2005 05:00am
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The worlds ugliest dog has sadly died. Yep this woofer that is simply... well UGLY, died last friday, days before his 15th birthday. Of what? I don't know, I couldn't be bothered to read CNN anymore... [read more]

21st Nov 2005 05:00am
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Send me images

Oh My God! Hubba-Hubba *wolf whistles* Thank you to who ever sent me a picture of a hunky man via the "Contact (img)" page. He looks lovely! [read more]

19th Nov 2005 05:00am
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According to the BBC website for my town it's this:

Well i can tell you that this is BULLSHIT! There is no way in god's hell-hole that it's only 5c today... at the moment i'm reading -3c. Bloody liars! [read more]

15th Nov 2005 05:00am
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New feature!

New feature people - upload images to me! Woo! Instead of just sending me a text message... why not contact me with a picture!! Yes, i finally have got around to allowing you to send me pictures, and because it's only me that views these pics, why not send me the most random, wackiest and dirtyest ones you can find!
If you encounter any problems with the contact image system, please contact me about it. Thanks & enjoy!!! [read more]

12th Nov 2005 05:00am
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Basic chat...

Hmmm... sorry if I don't seem to update this alot, it's because I have other web sites to attend to. However i'm slowly getting on top of most of them (not literally) and completing them. Most of the sites will be able to sort themselves out, allowing me to spend more time elsewhere. Anywhos, on the 8th November, Miss Edith Bowman dedicated a song to me for being 18 on the 7th, which I was happy about. And thanks to the handful of people that found out this site gave them a pop-up, as I wouldn't have noticed due to... [read more]

8th Nov 2005 05:00am
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The day after...

What do i remember about yesterday?
Answer - nothing!
I remember being in a pub, getting talked to by various people and drinking carling. Then after a few pints I get brought a "green bomb" ... pretty much cained that. Then carried on drinking and chatting to the landlord's wife and son. Then anything after that i cannot remember, actualy i remember falling to the floor as soon as the fresh nighttime air hit me, but thats all. I know I was sick because while writing this i still have some sick lodged in my nostril. So anyways, i believe it was... [read more]

6th Nov 2005 05:00am
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How embarrassing! Who found this??
Dale (Aged 5)

Also listen out on BBC Radio 1 inbetween 8.30am - 8.40am tommorow, for a "hopeful" happy birthday off Chris Moyles. [read more]

28th Oct 2005 06:00am
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[read more]

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