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Well Guys and Girls, it's coming upto Valentines Day... eek! The day I fear, as I never get any cards or chocolates or flowers. :( Oh well. I have my hand *cough*. Anyways ... he he, I'm gonna feel festive for the whole of the day and have the site "loved" up a bit for Valentines day. :) So if you see a problem on any page then feel free to report it, but it'll probably be just me messing around.
I'd also like to know what you're getting your loved ones for Valentines Day, maybe a rose, maybe a house?
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I've just viewed the trailer for Scary Movie 4, and it's ok, same old usual "hits" that get done. Cannot wait till it's released.

» Scary Movie 4 Trailer
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Just downloaded Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 ("IE7b2") and now i'm installing it.
Validate Your Copy
Note, you now have to validate your copy of windows to run this version... only time can tell when someone will make a patch around that.
IE7 Beta 2
Now i'm validated, I can now continue with the installation.. yay. Just installing more crap...
Argh! The worst thing ever after installation... reboot... oh well *reboots*! :)
Reboot your Computer

Well... here we go, i'll load it up... ooooo everything looks ok on the webpage, but look! no top menu bar (File, View, ect..)
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*woooo* Picked up the phone earlier and had to record something off it... (you may need to turn your volume up)

» Tom Baker
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Oh my! dalehay.com was down for 6 hrs and 21 mins! Why? Well I've kinda used 12.5gb out of my 10gb bandwidth limit... whoopsie! :D However I have more now, so it's all fine.
I myself am having a bit of a stressful time... >_<
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Well one of the workers behind some 'dalehay.com' work has been sacked after I found some pictures of her on the webcam ... she is now fired!

? Click here to view the criminal evidence!!
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Well according to Alexa (who kinda track websites on the internet), 'dalehay.com' is the 976,367th website on the internet... not very good, sooooo I need it lowered!! Yes! I want it below 500,000th! Soooo I need this site to be made popular... by you lot. So word-of-mouth techniques are needed ~ tell all your friends about this place ppppplllllleeeeeeeaaaaassssseeeee . Thank You :D xxx

» Alexa Stats for 'dalehay.com'
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I was just going through Nuneaton on the way back to college today and saw this mocked up sign.. hehe
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Ok, this has really got on my nerves now. Idiots that keep posting useless crap on the comment system - STOP IT!
Because of this, I have now resulted in plans to change it so I have to verify every comment that is posted. These changes will happen tonight and take force from 12am GMT!
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*woo* It's coming around to that time of the year when they get the auditions for Big Brother going... and yes the dates have been released for the auditions. They are:
Saturday 4th February - Glasgow
Saturday 11th February - Newcastle
Wednesday 15th February - Dublin
Saturday 18th February - Manchester
Wednesday 22nd February - Cardiff
Saturday 25th February - Birmingham
Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th March - London

I'm tempted to give it a bash at the Birmingham one... well it is free... and worth a go I spose. :D

» Big Brother 7
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