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I've just viewed the trailer for Scary Movie 4, and it's ok, same old usual "hits" that get done. Cannot wait till it's released.

» Scary Movie 4 Trailer
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Just downloaded Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 ("IE7b2") and now i'm installing it.
Validate Your Copy
Note, you now have to validate your copy of windows to run this version... only time can tell when someone will make a patch around that.
IE7 Beta 2
Now i'm validated, I can now continue with the installation.. yay. Just installing more crap...
Argh! The worst thing ever after installation... reboot... oh well *reboots*! :)
Reboot your Computer

Well... here we go, i'll load it up... ooooo everything looks ok on the webpage, but look! no top menu bar (File, View, ect..)
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*woooo* Picked up the phone earlier and had to record something off it... (you may need to turn your volume up)

» Tom Baker
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Oh my! dalehay.com was down for 6 hrs and 21 mins! Why? Well I've kinda used 12.5gb out of my 10gb bandwidth limit... whoopsie! :D However I have more now, so it's all fine.
I myself am having a bit of a stressful time... >_<
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Well one of the workers behind some 'dalehay.com' work has been sacked after I found some pictures of her on the webcam ... she is now fired!

? Click here to view the criminal evidence!!
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Well according to Alexa (who kinda track websites on the internet), 'dalehay.com' is the 976,367th website on the internet... not very good, sooooo I need it lowered!! Yes! I want it below 500,000th! Soooo I need this site to be made popular... by you lot. So word-of-mouth techniques are needed ~ tell all your friends about this place ppppplllllleeeeeeeaaaaassssseeeee . Thank You :D xxx

» Alexa Stats for 'dalehay.com'
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I was just going through Nuneaton on the way back to college today and saw this mocked up sign.. hehe
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Ok, this has really got on my nerves now. Idiots that keep posting useless crap on the comment system - STOP IT!
Because of this, I have now resulted in plans to change it so I have to verify every comment that is posted. These changes will happen tonight and take force from 12am GMT!
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*woo* It's coming around to that time of the year when they get the auditions for Big Brother going... and yes the dates have been released for the auditions. They are:
Saturday 4th February - Glasgow
Saturday 11th February - Newcastle
Wednesday 15th February - Dublin
Saturday 18th February - Manchester
Wednesday 22nd February - Cardiff
Saturday 25th February - Birmingham
Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th March - London

I'm tempted to give it a bash at the Birmingham one... well it is free... and worth a go I spose. :D

» Big Brother 7
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I believe I have accidentally dropped my ID card in with some items that I posted to people on eBay ... eek! I'm such a dickhead! >_<
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