2nd Jan 2006 05:00am
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A Reason to Smile

Just thought i'd plug a website (as much as I hate advertising). The website is called A Reason to Smile. All it is, is a website that shows pictures of people smiling, simple but very great! I'm the 10th person on there (from the right - newest additions get put at the front). Now you can add your smile on there too, by going to their site and sending them an email with a picture of you smiling, and a link to any charity (either something that means a lot to you, or you just like). Oh and in the... [read more]

2nd Jan 2006 05:00am
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Oh My, Faceparty Fun!

HAHAHAAA!!!! A friend of mine has just shown me a persons profile on FaceParty, and well ... I must say "OMFG!!! HAHAHAAHAAA ROFLMAO!!" Check it out, his username is elrey_25, and well his pictures are awful. He says he is a "Brad Pitt lookalike" is he heck!
Brad Pitt lookalike
Also check out this picture with a comment on it saying "Like my toned body?"
Like my toned body?
I've never seen anything so ming in my life! However this profile has made me laugh a lot!!

? FaceParty --> elrey_25 [read more]

2nd Jan 2006 05:00am
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No way!

About 40 minutes ago £9,500,000 was given to charity!! Why? I'll tell you why ... because someone, who brought a lottery ticket in Doncaster, lost it, after not claiming it and it having its 180 day claim time expiring. Wounded! Thats all I can say, wounded! I could have done with £9.5 million, oooo all that chocolate and WKD-Red I could buy :D

Tell me, what would you buy with £9.5 million pounds?? Use the comment system on this news story to tell me.

» BBC News Online Story [read more]

1st Jan 2006 05:00am
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First set of changes

Well it's finally the New Year! Woo! Welcome 2006 :D
Anyways, I'm just going to say that some of the new changes are starting to happen, as you can see the font has changed around the site, giving it a more "bloggy" feeling, also i've added a new page called 'utilities', which will contain just random files (either system, or notes, ect..)
Oh and just wanted to say that over 100 people have listened to my first podcast, and many of them have commented on me sniffing. Whoops, it was bad, and NO I was not snorting cocaine. :p
Another... [read more]

1st Jan 2006 05:00am
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Happy New Year

dalehay.com would like to wish everyone a happy new year!! [read more]

31st Dec 2005 05:00am
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OMFG a problem!!

Don't use the contact forms... sugar there aint sending messages. : Please email me using dalehay [at] gmail [dot] com, sorry.

Addition: This problem is now sorted. [read more]

30th Dec 2005 05:00am
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I love random phone calls :D

Well finally people are noticing the phone number on the about page. I did orignally stick it there for people to send me wierd and wonderful text messages, however the odd random phone call coming through is cool too. :) Keep it up! [read more]

29th Dec 2005 05:00am
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Not that I take it or anything but Ketamine ("Special K") will, as of January 1st 2006, become a Class C drug, making it naughty. Tsk Tsk.

» BBC News [read more]

27th Dec 2005 05:00am
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Bye Bye Christmas and Hello Snow!

*woo* Well Christmas has gone now, and finally (what i've been waiting for) the snow is now here! Not a lot or heavy however its settled. Probably only about 1cm of it too, but hey it feels really wintery - considering Winter (officially) started 21st December. Oh and you may have noticed i've slowed down the snow fall on the site now, and also got rid of most festivy items too. :-)
Also a few features will be introduced onsite in the new year too. [read more]

23rd Dec 2005 05:00am
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Merry Christmas Everyone

Well that's me done for the Christmas Period. I'm off to enjoy my Christmas season... so no updates from me till next week. I hope you all have a very merry christmas and a happy new year! Don't forget to contact me and tell me what weird presents you've got.

Festive Fun
Reindeer [read more]

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