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Well after sleeping and just resting, I feel a hell of a lot better. I did goto the doctor on Friday but they said there is nothing available till Monday, so I'll go on Monday, but sods law states that everything will be fine with me on Monday... typical!! But I will still go and ask why and how could I lose 2 stone of weight in 2 weeks ??

Oh and I've added a new "how to" guide in the How To section.
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Over the past two weeks I've been hiding the fact that I'm ill. Inside me is feeling awful - upset stomachs, weight loss (2 stone in 2 weeks), the odd bit of blood from "behind" and the odd stomach pain. I have no idea what the hell is wrong with me... I feel like crap! So I'm going to be having a rest from a few things and give myself a "refresh" period. If for any reason the site goes down, that's because i'm not online to pay the bill as I'm no where near having money to pay... [read more]
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On Friday night I went around my mates house and she has this lovely little kitten called "Missy". Awww it's so sweet... and the lovely thing is that she even "posed" for her pictures.

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Well at 2.40pm today (Tuesday 13th June 2006) the power in my house went. As normal with power cuts they usually sort themselves out within 30 minutes, however this one was different. I decided to go downtown with my mom to the doctors to see what these "spots" were all over my little sister. We got back around 4pm to find the power had still gone. The neighbours were out in their front gardens nattering about it. Only one bloke had power - he kept joking that he'd sell us a kettle-full of hot water for 50p.

It got to 4.30pm
... [read more]
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If you ever see a dodgy wall... never push someone onto it... I mean look here is a dodgy wall

Dodgy Wall

And, well, what can I say... we pushed someone into it and, well, they fell. Sort of. Oops!

Dodgy Wall

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Yesterday I helped out in the parade for Birmingham's Pride parade. I did start off pushing a horse from behind, however I got promoted and was allowed to push a big pile of bull turd through the parade. :D It was a really nice day - and yes I did get drunk!! :D

Birmingham Pride 2006 Birmingham Pride 2006
Birmingham Pride 2006 Birmingham Pride 2006
Birmingham Pride 2006 Birmingham Pride</a></em></strong></center></span>... <span class=[read more]

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I've just added a HTML Help section on the site, which will hopefully start teaching some of you new MySpacers how to add some creative things to your profile.

» HTML Help
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Over the next few months loads of areas of this site will be moving to there own domains. Don't worry though no information will be lost.
Things are moving because this site is supposed to be just a personal site about me (Dale Hay), so other bits of it will be in different locations. Also there is a planned change of theme for this site too. I will keep you upto date on all this though. :)

- Dale
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From now on everytime a audio file is posted on here you will be able to listen to it on the "make-shift" audio page that I whipped up. :D

» Dale Hay . com Audio Page
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I'm just wondering how many of the people that view this site would be interested in seeing a football section for the World Cup? Ok it won't be as good as a BBC or Sky table but I can give it a go.
Send me your thoughts by commenting on here.
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