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Anyone remember these little films? With the stickmen in them? I remember watching the first ever one (Episode 1) years ago and thought it was class! Which is still is to be honest and all the other films they've done are class too. If you have no idea what i'm on about then you don't know what you're missing.

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Everyone loves freebies!!
Well Hugo Boss has some freebies going, just goto their website, click Free Sample and fill in your details and Hey Presto!! :D

» Hugo Boss Website
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The lads over at SatanicBakedBean came up with an idea of a Gay TV Auction program. He he. Have a look... :D

» SatanicBakedBean
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Now we all know what happens when Mentos mints are added to CocaCola, well these two guys who have too much free time decided to see if they could do a domino effect with bottles of cola. Check it out!

» EepyBird.com
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Happy Birthday to ME !! :D YAY! WOO!
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WLM 8.1 (beta) has been released to anyone that is part of the Beta team (eg; me and a load of others). The new features include:
- Redesigned, smarter contact cards give you more data about and easier access to your friends
- Your display name, status and personal expressions roam with you to any computer
- Two free calls to virtually any phone in the world

So if you are a part of the Beta team then why not download it now and try it out.

» Windows Live Messenger 8.1 Beta
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I woke up this morning at an hour I havent seen since I was at college... 6am !! And I had no ciggies so I had to venture out of my nice warm bed. So after spending 2 hours doing stuff for OCIWA (Yes I am working on it!!) I decided to put me clothes on and head down to the shop. As I opened the front door that winter morning air hit me... cold and brittle.

As I walked down to the shop my fingers started to tingle, bringing back memories of when I was a child and had to
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I have decided to create a page listing all the slang terms that are used where I currently live. Some are strange and sound weird when you here them. Anyways check them out and try and learn some. :)

» Slang Terms
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According to CNN: Gay couples have the same marriage rights as heterosexual couples under the New Jersey state constitution, the state Supreme Court rules.

This is really good to see. Lets hope the rest of the world desides to get with the times and treat gay couples (gay and lesbian) as normal people and not some sort of outcasts.

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At 1am (BST) on the 24th October, The Mozilla Corporation released Firefox 2. The latest version. I have just downloaded it and installed it and looking at it is exactly the same as the original version however I havent had a muck around yet in any of the options. Here is a copy of the release notes, showing whats new:

Visual Refresh: Firefox 2's theme and user interface have been updated to improve usability without altering the familiarity of the browsing experience.

Built-in phishing protection: Phishing Protection warns users when they encounter suspected Web forgeries, and offers to return the user to
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