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Road to recovery? I think not!!

I'm still ill and the way it feels I am getting worse. I've been given anti-biotics from the Hospital to take, though the doctor at the local surgery says don't take any anti-biotics and that will upset your belly. I've had blood tests here and there, urine samples here and there, stool samples too.

I've stayed off dairy products too, am on Soya milk - which is gorgeous!! I'm drinking one of those Actimel things a day too, which are tasty. However I still feel like crap. I'm now going to stay... [read more]

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Yay! Finally a bit of snow. :D Though its almost gone compared to early this morning. :( Also it keeps starting then stopping. I wish it just pours it down. :D

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Right, i'm being lazy and eating McDonalds yet i'm still losing weight!! I've lost 1lbs in two days .. so now I weigh a whole 8 stone and 12 pounds. Compared to the just-under 11st that I weigh mid-2006. How the hell do I put on weight!?!!

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Well Jade Goody is out of the Big Brother house, unsure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. She has made up with Shilpa however due to the recent 30,000+ complaints about the show there was a crowd ban there. Annoying really.. The Big Brother House (which I can see the lights from my living room window) isn't itself without the audience.. booing and cheering.. it's all good British fun. :D
I would reflect on Jade's time in the house but I can be bothered. Just watch Big Brother's Little Brother with the ok looking Dermot O'Leary... [read more]

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Well the weather seems to have made a nice and weird change, going from a warmer than average start to Winter to a nice and blowy middle of Winter. (Oh and for those who don't know, Winter runs from December 21st to March 21st/22nd-ish).
So far 4 people have died because of todays storms which are likely to get worse throughout the day. I almost got whipped off my feet when going to the local shop.

18th January 2007 Storms
Image Copyright, Gemma Honeyman

1) The managing director of Birmingham Airport Richard
... [read more]
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So Big Brother seems to have had recieved 30,000 against the "racism" supposedly witnessed within the show. Most of this was because of some of the house mates referred to the "victim" Shetty as "That Indian Lady"... but I must say, if you see an Asian person you say "That Asian person", dont you? So that should just be ignored.
Also Carphone Warehouse has cancelled, with immediate effect, its sponsorship with the show.
Not looking too good this year is it for Big Brother / Endemol.

» BBC News - Celebrity Big Brother

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Happy 37th Birthday Mommy. :D
Hope you have a good day and I'll be home sometime soon. :(


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Yes an old video of me that I found for a ConvoWorld.com user called JonnyCool. :p

Sad, I know! :p

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One picture explains all...
Lynn 2007

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Yup, only 68% but still it's better than nothing ain't it!! :D

Proof! (He is on the left!) Look a Likes

Yeah! Suck on that result!! ^_^

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