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Back by popular demand! YES! The Arcade is back and fully functional and working! Remember to come spend hours and hours playing games and tell ALL your mates, friends, work colleges about it! :)

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Ooo it seems as this site got hacked.. first time I suppose. If you visited this site and it asked you to download a file then deny it. I have removed the malious code from the site however if it happens again then please contact me. Thanks for the heads up will@f*****c-n*t.c*.*k [read more]

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Right, i've got hold of all the old information on OCIWA that I previously couldn't find. And I'm now going to be redeveloping the whole online game. I will keep you updated with all updates about it. :)

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I'm not sure if I'm the only one that has noticed this but the past few Hurricanes / Tropical Storms that are happening in the Atlantic Ocean are all turning towards the UK. eek! Category One Hurricane Gordon is currently going to hit us as a normal storm on Thursday. Also Hurricane Helene is currrently aiming for the UK within the next week or so. eeek!!! [read more]

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Yup, the Atlantic is starting to develop a bit more now. Tropical Depression Eight has been detected. It's currently based out in the mid-Atlantic and is heading between Bemuda and Puerto Rico. It is predicted that this Depression is to form into a named Tropical Storm by Wednesday and form into a Hurricane by Friday.

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Florence and Gordon,
Sitting in the sea.
Roaring like hurricanes,
Quite win-dy!

Very childish I know, but just an update (which I aint done for like days!) Tropical Storm Florence is now Hurricane Florence, and Tropical Depression 7 is now Tropical Storm Gordon. Florence has, as far as I know, passed Bermuda now and is heading out into the Atlanti again and just going to head towards the UK as a Tropical Storm. Gordon on the other hand seems to be a spawn off Florence, trailing a few hundred miles behind Florence. Gordon is predicted to become a hurricane by Wednesday and literally follow... [read more]

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I've added a number verification thing on the comments now, as i'm being flooded with requests to accept or deny comments which start off "You have a wonderful website" then they have loads of links and spam at the end of it, so now you have to enter the numbers that are shown with the comment section. :) [read more]

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Tropical Depression Six is almost at Tropical Storm level, allowing it to be named as Florence. At the current time TD Six is heading towards the USA from the Atlantic, and should become a Tropical Storm within the next few hours. If development continues Florence might even become a Hurricane by Friday! Who knows?

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MyBBoard has currently released the latest version of MyBB. This version 1.2 has some funky AJAX extras in it, however trying to update ConvoWorld to it is like proving impossible the upgrade file isn't working correctly and i'm having errors after errors, upon restoring the old version of the forum, i've come across logging in and logging out errors, which I need to sort out.

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Ok, so this company have released a browser called Browzar. It runs off the Internet Explorer engine, so webpages and stuff work the same as it does in Internet Explorer and also its a single .exe file. Well the hype about it is the fact that it removes all traces of what websites you've been on upon exiting the program. To be honest, this is a bag of crap considering you can already do this, and now BBC News website has some jibberish on it. I mean even I could, if I sat down, make a browser that does the... [read more]