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Yet another new page is open on Dale Hay . com. This page will soon list a load of spam emails that you may recieve over time in your inbox, not from me though! But from other people trying to con you out of your personal details. If you are unsure of if an email is a real one or not, then check the Web Spam Emails page soon and then compare it.

If you have a spam email that isn't listed then copy and paste it (along with its subject) on the Contact... [read more]

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Well I spent a few hours in a local pub this evening and me and Martyn were just drinking soft drinks! Yes, don't panic all of you people that think i'm some sort of alckie - only because I do genuinely like a drink every now and then. I sat in a pub without consuming one slip of alcohol and just stuck to Coca Cola's. Oh also I did 3 songs on the karaoke too, which were...
» The Beatles - Eight Days a Week
» UB40 - Kingston Town
» Alan Jackson - Chattahoochee

I didn't do... [read more]

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Well I've put up a backlink counter to allow you to see how many backlinks you have pointing to your website. If you don't know what a backlink is, it's simply where a website links to yours. Pretty simple.

To use the tool goto the Web Backlinks page and enter the full address of your website, including the http:// bit and then hit the button then wait a few seconds while your backlinks are counted from the top 3 search engines (Google, Yahoo! and MSN Search)

» Web Linkbacks

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Ok, so since I mentioned smoking on here the adverts on the left and right of the home page are showing "Stop Smoking" adverts. No, Google, It's not going to happen! I'm happy with my habit.

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Well my goodness, how long has it been since I last updated my entries on here... geez! Well the past week and a half I haven't really been at home. First of all I spent a wonderful week at my moms and spending time with my little brother and sister and being able to smoke whereever I wanted (which is soooooo the life! Having a fag, browsing the internet - on wireless, having a few chocolate biscuits too while taking a dump). Also I met up and had a social drink with some of my mature mates over there (Peter,... [read more]

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Hmmm.. i've just sat and worked out, after looking at one of those NHS get unhooked adverts, that if I stopped smoking I won't really save that much. On average I go through 15 fags a day (sometimes less, sometimes more, so 15 is a decent average) so 15 fags a day, times 365 days a year shows me smoking 5,475 fags a year. So then I divided that by 20 (saying I brought packs of 20) and that shows I only buy 273 packets of 20 fags a year, totally (if £4.36 a pack) £1,190.28, and to be honest... [read more]

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We all know how we'd like to earn money on our websites, so i've compiled a small list of affiliates that might interest you if you're a website owner. I will be continuing to add to the list when I come across decent affiliates. I've added the page in my new webOnline section of the site. This section will be where any pages of interest about the internet, including creating your own website, managing forum systems, etc.. etc.. will be placed.

» Web Affiliates

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Well I completed a project in just over 3 hours yesterday from scratch, which is called Sound Upload. This site allows you to upload your audio files and then link to them directly from your website or give people the link to download it. All the downloads are counted so you can see how many people have seen it.

Sound Upload

The service is free and all ran by me (on my own!). So head over there and get distributing your own music.

» Sound Upload - Upload your MP3, WMA, WAV... [read more]

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To all of you that are lovely dovey I just wanted to say Happy Valentines Day.

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I just came across this site and I must say its simple but good. I've had a play on it and so has my mother - especially pressing number 9 on your keyboard.

If you don't know what I'm taking about, then its a page on a website called Mister Tweak-a-Thon and it's a small flash based application that interacts with the keys you press on your keyboard. For example pressing number 1 will pump his muscle on his arm. The instructions are on the site so go ahead and have a play. I bet you click number 9 more than... [read more]

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