6th Feb 2007 02:46am
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Yes, I know the Halloween season has gone by months, but I came across a nice website with artwork made of pumpkins. It does actually look really funky. Out of the ones I have seen on here, this one is my favorite:
Gunshot Wounded Pumpkin
Extreme Pumpkins

5th Feb 2007 04:18pm
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I've just come across this mad site where your mouse cursor is a feather and there is a lady lying on her bed. All you have to do is tickle her in various locations... oh and I so know where you're going to tickle her first! I did too. :p

Axe Feather

5th Feb 2007 02:06pm
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Well as I was just outside having a ciggie, the lady from upstairs said "Ahh puffing away, again" and that just suddenly sparked a line in my head: I like smoking, smoking likes me, then within a few minutes I created a few more paragraphs and now its complete!
» Click Here to Listen to Dale Hay - I Like Smoking

Lyrics: (For those interested)
Dale Hay - I Like Smoking

I like smoking,
Smoking likes me.
I'm not going to stop,
In july-ee.

Goverment warnings,
Stuck up signs.... []

5th Feb 2007 01:24am
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If you like chatting or typing then why not head over to Convo World now and sign up for an account as Convo World has now become a paid-2-post discussion board. All you need really is a decent hand with posting new threads and new replies. Also a PayPal acount would be handy too as that is how you will recieve your payment.

Spamming though is totally disallowed in paid rooms, though the Jabbox is not included as a paid-2-post room, so feel free to babble as much... []

4th Feb 2007 07:19pm
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Well due to this nice new layout, which is all totally tableless. I will be adding the arcade back in a few days time along with articles and tutorials for the creative and programming interested people. :)

4th Feb 2007 12:11am
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Well it brings a whole (or should I say hole) new meaning to "put it in my box" ;)

Mailbox picture
4th Feb 2007 12:02am
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Well the once geeky Harry Potter is now, well somewhat a bit more interesting looking lad. Here are some pictures taken by Uli Weber, from Daniel Radcliffes website. Tell me what you think...

Daniel Radcliffe Picture 1
Daniel Radcliffe Picture 2
Daniel Radcliffe Picture 3
Daniel Radcliffe Picture 4
3rd Feb 2007 04:13am
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Over the next few days, starting from in about 5 minutes, I will be changing stuff on the site, so it may go down or you may encounter errors, etc.. etc..
Just ignore them and try again later on. :)

3rd Feb 2007 12:33am
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Picture yourself drunk and someone suggests an idea to get a free drink, you go for it yeah? Well I did! A free drink was offered to the first person to dance on the pole. So as sad as I was last night, drinking on my own too, I got up on the pole and kind of danced, well I say danced, I just swayed from side to side and smoked my ciggie. Everyone in there was watching me and even some chav lads were more better at dancing than me.

Well once I finished that I headed to... []

1st Feb 2007 10:05pm
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Well I was in the McDonalds in Barnet earlier having a Big Mac Meal with Strawberry Milkshake (as Chocolate Milkshake is sooooooo last year!) and I noticed a chubby camp bloke behind the counter. Now the reason I was happy was not because he was camp but because he did actually motivate the team. He was shouting at the staff telling them to get the burgers done quicker and efficiently also when an old lady came in he told her to sit at a table and he'll come over and take her order - to allow her to not wait... []

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