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Urgh... I've just had a call from Martyn telling me his site is offline, so I checked my account and it is offline, also along with my Sound Upload site too. So if you're trying to get on there then you won't be able to, however it'll be back up and running hopefully by 2am tommorow morning. Sorry about any problems with that, however Sound Upload is growing way too fast and I think I might have to get a dedicated server for it, which will cost me around £300 a month on top of the 2 other servers that... [read more]

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Well Merry Christmas everyone, hope you'll have a great day today and have some wicked presents. At the moment I am the first awake here so I've goto wait for everyone else to wake up. No white Christmas though, just rain.

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Over the past few days more information has been released about Street Fighter 4. According to various sources the game will be set after Street Fighter 2 and before Street Fighter 3, with the storyline more closer to Street Fighter 2. The game objects will be in 3D, however the game will play in 2D - just like it has before.

The "parry system", which was in Street Fighter 3 has been dropped and a "saving system" has been introduced, along with Ultra moves. New features and new special moves are there too along with the possible entry of the character... [read more]

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New Years Day at 10.10pm on Channel 4 the new series of Shameless starts. Mika, the grace kelly singer, also stars in it too. It'll run for 16 episodes till April. Hopefully it's good.

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I am being serious. I think I am going blind... not because I sometimes can't see obvious things infront of me, but because every so often out of no where something happens and I am totally blind in my periferral view on my left eye. Hope this isn't the start of me going blind, so to be sure I am going to get my eyes tested soon.

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The Queen is on YouTube. Wow. Talk about getting in with the fads of this day and age. The "hip" Queen has made a YouTube account, 50 years after doing the first Christmas Message on television.

» The Royal Channel on YouTube

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Mother, you will be graced with my presence on Saturday so make sure there is a cheese and potato pie with beans ready for me please. xx

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Congratulations to Leon Jackson for winning the UK XFactor 2007 competition. His performance with Mariah Carey's song was brilliant and also congratulations to Rhyddian and Same Difference. All performances tonight were great.

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You may find that I am not on as much because I have no internet at the moment, but should have soon. So as for any updates happening on any of my sites, they won't be happening just yet. Sorry.

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If you have been trying to get on YouTube and are prompted with this message: Http/1.1 Service Unavailable then don't worry.

YouTube HTTP Error

It seems to be a reoccuring error these past few days, so maybe YouTube are updating the site more or changing its hardware to cope with the millions of hits it gets each day. Who knows.

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