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AOL (Time Warner) has brought the 3rd most popular social networking site Bebo for a whopping $850 million dollars (?417,000,000). Bebo gets around 4.1 billion hits a day... woah.. think of the bandwidth.

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Well just as the seasons change and the Atlantic changes temperature and all that balls... we're set for a nice storm. Woo! A weather community that I'm on predicted this early last week. At the moment there's about 31 flood warnings around the UK also Scotland is due Blizzards and heavy snow.

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Word on the street is that Search Engine giant Google are looking to buy Social Bookmarking website Digg. Google are putting in a rough bid of $225,000,000 (?111,778,875) to buy the site. I have a feeling Google are wanting to do this because of the fact that Yahoo are creating their own bookmarking site called Buzz... bit of competition here. :-)

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Ain't done it for a while as I have ben brain dead for a bit... but this Sunday's Ponder is:

Who or What was the first Celebrity?

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For the past two nights my dreams have been lovely... they have all been featuring tornadoes... loads of them.. the beauty of them is amazing. I hope I dream of more tonight.

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The BBC are doing a "White" season very soon in which it looks at the white working class society of Britain and also the affects on forgein workers... bit of touchy subject I would have had thought, but then again subjects like that do need to be touched upon every now and then ... not in a racist way, but in a general knowledgeable way.

They have found out so far that from the racial demographics that Easington in County Durham is Britains whitest place. This is mainly due to most of the people there have come from the areas old... [read more]

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This is seriously NOT for the screamish. It's horrid...

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Well I didn't know Austria could have Hurricanes, though to be honest anywhere in the world can have them - well except the middle of Russia (As we all know they need the warmth and moistness of the Oceans and Seas to thrive). Well someone died due to a Hurricane over the Alps. Bit weird...

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Happy Mothers Day Mom. Kisses and Hugs and stuff to you. Have a lazy day. :D Love you xxx

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Are you a Mac person? Always love a good Mac gadget in your home? Well I bet you're missing one thing... coming this Summer, why not take a seat on it and relieve yourself! Yes! The Air Poo is coming to town. With a MacBook Air docking slot, heated seat, multi-touch flusher (one tap for wee and two taps for [upto] 10lbs of poo and toilet roll), iPod dock and a intergrated surround sound system. All in with the air poo!

Air Poo
Air Poo
Air Poo... [read more]

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