29th Nov 2007 11:07pm
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YouTube Http/1.1 Service Unavailable

If you have been trying to get on YouTube and are prompted with this message: Http/1.1 Service Unavailable then don't worry.

YouTube HTTP Error

It seems to be a reoccuring error these past few days, so maybe YouTube are updating the site more or changing its hardware to cope with the millions of hits it gets each day. Who knows.

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28th Nov 2007 08:26pm
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Chocie Munchin Niece

Awww... my niece is currently following in ym sisters footsteps. How? Well stuffing her face with chocolate, as you can see from the picture. (Oh the camera is a bit blurred, but that's because my sister only buys cheap crap from a dodgy "corner shop" man).

Ellie Crane

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28th Nov 2007 07:46pm
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OCIWA is back

For the past 2 days, for some reason, my laptop hasn't been able to pick up the belkin router so I couldn't get on the internet. So while I have been offline I have sat and re-created OCIWA. Soooooo tonight sometime probably in the early hours of this morning I will upload the new files for the game. So far all I have done on the game is so you can register and you get $50. It costs $30 to buy a person for your town, $1,000 for a house and when you get people you need to set them... [read more]

26th Nov 2007 09:48am
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Happy Birthday Kirstie

Kirstie, me and Martyn (and his family and friends) wish you a happy 18th birthday, don't get too drunk you alcoholic. :) x

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25th Nov 2007 01:41am
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Happy Birthday Martyn

Happy Birthday Martyn!! :D Hopefully you'll read this in the morning when you wake because at the moment you're sound asleep. Bless. :-) x

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23rd Nov 2007 11:27pm
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Phantom of the Opera

If you have seen Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical called Phantom of the Opera, you'll notice this song. It's the main song and I am singing the womens bit and Martyn is over powering me with his male bit.

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21st Nov 2007 10:57pm
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Genocide City

When I was back in college, one of the lessons was to come up with a game idea and write about it all. Now my idea, which I was going to make was a isometric based game that involved being placed on a short timer to blow up cities. I called it "Genocide City". Now however I am starting to take it from paper to the computer and I'm currently starting development on it, so hopefully by sometime next year it'll be released. I will keep you informed with its development.

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20th Nov 2007 08:42pm
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Firefox 3 Beta 1 Released

Just downloaded and installed the new beta version of Firefox 3 and to be honest nothing much has changed in the way it looks, but all the sites I go on seem to load and run a lot faster than before.

» Download Firefox 3 Beta 1

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20th Nov 2007 02:12am
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New Year, New Design

Ok, serious thoughts now. I am thinking of bringing back the old vibrant theme to Dale Hay . com once again as I feel it had a wonderful eye catching colour scheme that no one could forget. So for the run up to 2008 parts of the site will start getting changed over and the rest will be completed by 2008.

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19th Nov 2007 03:01am
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