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Anyone that views my site will probably know that I have created and still own and develop a big online service for uploading audio files. Well each piece that has to be uploaded, I personally have to go through and either accept or deny each piece. Now I have to go through each piece one-by-one and I did have a back log of over 3,000 audio files... I tell you, if you want to create your own audio hosting website, I'd suggest one thing... "DON'T!!" ... it's a lot of hard work and it took me 3-4 days with spending... [read more]

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Grant, me and Martyn wish you a happy birthday and hope you keep shining like the sun. jks.

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Sound Upload

The biggest online encyclopedia, Wikipedia... I'm on it! Well my name is on it, but mainly one of the sites that I run is on it.

I produced an article for the site earlier and have just this minute added a page on there about Sound Upload. Woo!! Hopefully the article don't get deemed for deletion!

» Sound Upload on Wikipedia

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Martyn has been playing around in Photoshop after getting a idea that he wants to possibly go into photography and digital image manipulation. Well he took a picture of me earlier and transformed it into a really nice piece of art. I actually like it a lot... I have also made it my desktop background. Oh and there are no spots on it either... muhahahahah!! :-)

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Oh my god... Grant (my mate) got so owned!! Martyn (My boyfriend) pretended to be a women on MSN and got a picture off Google Images and added him on MSN. For just over 2 hours Grant was thinking his luck was in - what a fat chance!! lol!! So... so far I have punked Michael and Matthew and Martyn has punked Grant. Muahhahaha!! No one will ever get us though... :D

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I think I have come across the best looking advert to date. While searching around on the internet it pops up and detects automatically how many harddrives I have, then does a "fake" scan showing supposed errors! What a laugh!! Though I feel sorry for people that are not knowledgeable about this stuff as they'd download the software and it will install loads of crap. Though it is very cleverly convincing.

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Step 1

Create a new document / image with the size of your desktop (if you are unsure what size your desktop is then just press the PrtSc (Print Screen) button on your keyboard and Photoshop will automatically set the correct size! Handy tip there!)
Rainbow Desktop Background

Step 2

Make sure your colours are reset (Foreground - Black and Background - White) by pressing 'D' on your keyboard. And create a new layer.
Rainbow Desktop Background

Step 3

Now make some clouds by going to Filter... [read more]

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This year McDonalds have the monopoly tickets again and I've found that the rare tickets are exactly the same as last year so here are a list of them for 2008 for the UK version of the game. Everything underlined are rare tickets.

Old Kent Road
Whitechapel Road

Light Blue:
The Angel Islington
Euston Road
Pentonville Road

Pall Mall
Northumberland Avenue

Bow Street
Marlborough Street
Vine Street

Fleet Street
Trafalgar Street

Leicester Square
Coventry Street

Regent Street
Oxford Street
Bond Street

Dark Blue:
Park Lane

Train Station:
Kings Cross
Marylebone Station
Fenchurch Street Station
Liverpool Street

Good luck to players!

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Have you seen the Daz Liquitabs TV advert? Everyone is wanting to know who the famous sister is. A lot of people are saying Denise Van Outen, some saying Kat Slater (Jesse Wallace). Though I think the "You're through to the next round" is a possible clue?

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I have just fired up BVE4 and showed my little brother RJ it. I fired it up and loaded the DLR Bank to Lewisham route and showed RJ it... he looked interested - asking "what's that", "look at that train". I told him that if he presses ENTER it'll sound the horn, so everytime we passed a train on the route he pressed it on his own accord. Then I told him that to change the reverser to forward he needs to press UP and then to power the train he needs to press Z.

He learned... [read more]