12th May 2008 09:01pm
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Active Post

You may have noticed that the post underneath this has a red line with the words "This post has been tagged as a Active post." in it, this is a new feature that I have implied on my blog that basically notifies you if the post is likely to be updated within 24 hours with new information. As you may know the figures on Earthquakes and other natural disaters change all the time hence why an active post tag is placed on each new news article that is known to have new or updated information.

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12th May 2008 03:23pm
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Thousands Dead in Hours (and rising)

China was rocked at 7:28 (BST / GMT+1) this morning by a massive earthquake, measuring 7.8 on the scale. A school is reported to have collapsed and crushed 900 people inside it. So far a reported 3,000 to 5,000 7,000 8,533 10,000 12,000 50,000 people may have died!

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8th May 2008 11:15pm
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Ok, that's weird...

The lights have just dimmed in the whole of the house like what happens when there is a power surge. I have checked out various places and there isn't any lightning strikes or any bits of thunder around... but what makes it weirder is that my mates T-Mobile phone also lost all his signal too... pretty weird. Probably something from space messing with all that magnetic field stuff in the air...

Anyone else had these problems??

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8th May 2008 07:23pm
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Great Tits

Just checking out the science section of the BBC News website and noticed this story... you can see why it made me laugh.

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7th May 2008 03:50pm
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Too Hot ... I'm melting...

It's only 24C today and already I'm melting... it's way to hot... tommorow is due to be the same too and then on Friday it's due to go down to 22C then up to 26C on Saturday. I hate the heat.

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6th May 2008 09:59am
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The BBC and ITV have today released another FREE(ish) TV service for UK called freesat. It's basically Freeview but through a satellite dish instead of an aerial.

At the moment the coverage of freesat is 98% of the UK and also offers high definition programmes too. What programs they offer, I have no idea yet however it's just over 80. As for a price too, all you need to do is pay for a digi-box, satellite dish and an installation fee - which I don't also know. I know you can pick them up from Currys, Argos, John Lewis and Comet.... [read more]

5th May 2008 09:57pm
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Beauty School Dropout

I have re-uploaded my Beauty School Dropout to YouTube.

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4th May 2008 11:21am
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Tropical Cyclone in Burma

A tropical cyclone has hit Burma (west of Thailand) and has killed at least 243 3,900 10,000 people and damaged thousands of buildings. At the moment reports are saying that 3 out of 4 buildings are flattened in one district. Another five districts have been declared disaster areas and another region has no power or water and has its streets full of debris and rubble.

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1st May 2008 09:52pm
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Mom's Truffles

My Mom's truffles are the best! I am being serious! They are "home made" and I tell you the amount of rum she puts in them is the right amount. The amount of stuff that I drink, I don't like rum, however when she does rum truffles they are lovely, so I take it rum and chocolate go nicely together... well it should do considering I love it. The thing that makes me laugh is the fact that when I goto the Royal Mail office to pick it up, the envelope on its own stinks of rum. I'm suprised they... [read more]

27th Apr 2008 05:05am
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Classic Childrens Television

Can you remember what television was like when you was a kid? Well check out what either yourself or your parents would have watched when they were children.

Pinky & Perky (1964)

Bill & Ben

The Magic Roundabout (1970)

Noggin the Nog (1959)

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