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Apologize on Fruity LoopsWell I thought I'd fire Fruity Loops up again and play around... now I've currently kinda done the backing of Apologize. It's not really that hard... I just watched a tutorial for it being played on piano on YouTube then whatever keys the person was pressing, I added it in on the piano roll. If you click the image on the right you'll see the piano roll (also if you are wanting to learn to play it on a keyboard / piano then you can... [read more]

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Geraldine McQueenWell I've done it... I love the song so much that it is constantly being overplayed on my mobile also predictions show that it's now the 2nd highest selling single this week... a few more sales and Leon will not get to number 1 this week - yay (Not fond of his new song). I've brought it... yes... I've actually brought a CD that I think the money goes to charity or something, not 100% sure on that though. I did look on Play.com and... [read more]

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The song was released a day after it was on telly and was number 6 in the runnings of charts, then two days after it was 4th and now may make number one on Sunday's chart show. I think it's a brilliant song!

Buy The Winners Song

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Just watched the first half of Peter Kay's one off TV program, Britain's Got The Pop Factor And Possibly A New Celebrity Jesus Christ Soapstar Superstar Strictly On Ice. Basically it's a pure rip off of X Factor and was funny with a northern lad called "R Wayne" up first - whos gran died when he told her he didn't make it through. Pete Waterman thought it was bad and told him he is back in the competition during the funeral. Second up was a group, two males and two females (the females were in wheelchairs) and they were called... [read more]

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Hmmm... I have just found out that Google has updated everyones page rank and I am not too happy with this update as Sound Upload has gone from a PR4 to a PR2 and also the other thousands of pages that had a rank from between PR1 and PR3 have all been made PR0. I'm hoping the drop is just temporary and everything will go back up afterwards. Hopefully!

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If you try opening dalehay.com.me and get a script error, then this is because you're more than likely using Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2. I tried it and all I get to see is one post and the advert then the error would stop the rest of the page loading and firing at me with this error message:

Message: HTML Parsing Error: Unable to modify the parent container element before the child element is closed (KB927917)

The reason this is appearing is because it's in Beta mode the development tools are still on and I'm unsure how to turn them off (not... [read more]

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Xmas 2008Xmas 2008
Pinch, Punch... First of the Month! Well it's almost nearing the end of the year and not long till Christmas either. Though talking of Christmas, on the 24th September I ended up taking these two pictures from the local newsagents. Yes... Christmas stuff... the signs are all up and surprisingly they're up before Woolworths. I'm going to add a timer to Christmas too so everyone can know when it is. He he.

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I just fired up Fruity Loops and thought ... hmmmm... what should I do, so I changed my instrument to a Orchestral one and decided to hit a few keys on my laptop to play the notes and came up with this short piece (about 20 seconds long) and I think it's pretty relaxing... so I might expand on it and make a full length (around 3 - 4 minutes long) relaxation piece for those people that wish to open their chakras - or whatever it is. Have a listen and tell me what you think? Remember it's my first... [read more]

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I love stuff about the weather and one site I usually check is BBC Weather (http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/) and I ended up finding tonight that they're going to be revamping the weather website with the new look that the BBC main website has already got. The new design does look good, as it is very Web 2.0 (thats the name for a website that have stylish / new stuff on it like gradients, AJAX, ect...).

BBC Weather (Old Design)
BBC Weather Old Design

BBC Weather (New Design)
BBC Weather New Design

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So, I was on YouTube and typed in "dog barking", just to see how the dogs here react. A clip came up with a squeaky toy and the dogs shot up and ran to my laptop sniffing it. So I thought "ok, how about another clip". I ended up coming across this clip of a lad playing the piano and his dog singing.

Now, I've watched the clip 5 times now and I still cannot stop laughing when the dog starts "singing". Take a... [read more]

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