30th May 2008 04:27am
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Wow! That is how my name is wrote in Arabic. A member on DigitalPoint wrote it out for me... I think it looks cool... it's so simple, just دال.

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28th May 2008 01:50am
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I love this time of year... as Tornadoes are going mental over in the American Tornado Alley, Gales, Rain and Thunder-n-Lightning here in this country and also the Hurricane Season starting this Sunday. It all seems so much fun!

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26th May 2008 12:00pm
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Happy Birthday Ellie

Happy 1st Birthday me lil' munchkin. :) xxx

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22nd May 2008 07:46pm
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25th September 2001

25th September 2001 was the date I released my first ever Unreal Tournament (UT99) map. It was a deathmatch one and was called Waterfall. I just found it again on Fileplanet after remembering I made a map years ago. Just opening now as I write this ... I'm getting scared at what it's to look like.

Just opened the level and played around on it... I serious hope I am not like that now with map making... it's awful. Here are some small screenies.

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20th May 2008 12:07pm
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Kirstie... Remember This?

I promise that I will do my best,
To love my God,
To serve the Queen and my country,
to help other people,
And to keep the Brownie Guide Law.

Ahahaha ah ahhahaha hhahah haha hahahahahah a hahaaha haha haha haha haah aha hh hah ahahahaah a hahaha haaahahaa etc.. etc..

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20th May 2008 11:59am
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Dido, Dido, Dido... what a lovely voice. "Here with Me", "Life for Rent", "White Flag" ... love the songs. Tell you one thing though her song Here with Me is a weird song because whenever I hear it I can picture and even seem to remember the smell of the Northern Line (The Misery Line to Londoners) ... it's very weird. Anyways she is coming out with a new album this year and a new song too. Oh and did you know she has only had two number 1 hits in this country... which shocked me! Which ones you ask?... [read more]

20th May 2008 10:14am
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Watch Out Redbull!

Just came back from Tesco and noticed that Tesco have their own alternative to Red Bull called Kick. It's pretty much the same besides the 2mg less caffeine per 100ml. What's best though is that it's only 45p! (46p for Diet) and that's for the 1 litre bottles (Oh normally it's 90p but they're half price at the moment). I tell you one thing it goes lovely with... Vodka. Only thing I didn't like is lugging 6 of the bastards up a hill in flimsy Tesco carrier bags.

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18th May 2008 11:01am
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5 a Day

Doctors and other health people say that we should all have this 5 a day thing - so we have to have 5 fruit or veg a day... but what I want to know is, what actually counts a "1" ??

Does this mean me having 5 nibbles on one apple count as it? or 5 nibbles from 5 different pieces? or 5 different fruits / veg in the whole portion (one whole carrot, one whole apple, one whole banana, etc..) - if so.. how big does the apple have to be? Does it have to be a granny smith apple... [read more]

17th May 2008 06:02am
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ad.dalehay.com Update

Well it seems the last project that I finally actually completed doesn't really seem to have had taken off, so I gave it a change and made my advertising network change from banners to the "now-a-days" text links. The text links are all powered nicely by JavaScript.

If you don't know what I'm on about then it's really simple... basically if you have a website you can register and you get given 50 points. Which basically means 50 unique people (per 24 hours) can visit your site. If you wish to earn more points then you advert other peoples sites on... [read more]

12th May 2008 09:38pm
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Why do people complain about Eastenders?

I really want to know why people complain about things they see in Eastenders? Yes it is a TV show and it's made up however to be honest about 99.9% of all the things you see in Eastenders happen in real life. I have just read an article on the BBC News website mentioning about the complaints recieved about Eastenders' scene where Max Branning is drugged, put into a coffin and buried alive by his wife. In my eyes that's just TV but could happen somewhere in the world... however they recieve many complaints, but take a second and think... [read more]