21st Dec 2008 08:24pm
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Sound Upload Progress

Right... Sound Upload is being slowly transferred as I still (luckily!) have access to the files and to the database. I've transferred over the database to the dalehay.me server however I do have a 100GB monthly bandwidth limit on it - which Sound Upload used to go through 50-60GB a day! So I will be needing to find a decent host (which will probably end up being a dedicated one - costing well over a hundred quid a month!!)

The lyrics section, shop and UK Charts sections are the only main places that are accessible at the moment.

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17th Dec 2008 12:07am
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R.I.P Sound Upload

Oh my goodness... Sound Upload has been 100% removed by my (other) host. All 50,000+ files, 40,000+ lyrics, etc... all gone. eek!! Google payments will stop... TLA and TNX will too... shite, shite, shite!!

I've just got the message a few minutes ago... oh my goodness... bye Sound Upload.

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16th Nov 2008 09:43am
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Basshunter - I Miss You (By Lynn)


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15th Nov 2008 05:27pm
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No on 8!

Well even though it isn't my country and doesn't effect me in any way, shape or form, I am suprised about the outcome of the Californian vote on Prop 8. If you're unsure what Prop 8 is, it's basically a legal thing that basically makes California only recognise and perform male and female marriages and not same sex couples. As you can see to the left of this text, that is the flyer they're using... "Restoring Marriage and Protecting California Children". Firstly how can you restore something that isn't broken... California legalised same-sex... [read more]

13th Nov 2008 08:23pm
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Atherstone Power Cut

Take a look at the picture below...

Atherstone Power Cut

The only light you see is of the car going past in the distance... well at around 5pm this afternoon (13th November 2008) the power went from pretty much the south end of Atherstone. Everything was dark... no street-lamps were on, no office buildings or businesses were open (as they closed due to no electric) and it was pretty eerey. Also the next town, Mancetter, was also out of power too. Luckily my house was fine - the only problems that we had was the lights would randomly flicker... [read more]

13th Nov 2008 08:23pm
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7th Nov 2008 08:51am
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Happy 21st Birthday to Me!!

Wow... hard to believe I've been on the planet 7,670 days!! Well now today I am 21 and sadly still growing older day by day. Anyways feel free to wish me happy birthday - the link is at the top of all my networked sites. :-)

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5th Nov 2008 11:26am
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Obama Wins

Well the United States of America have made their decision and Barack Obama is the newly elected President that will go into the White House on the 20th January 2009. Loads of people were saying he may not get in as many states are cautious about having a black president because of the old way American's used to think. Well congratulations Barack, hopefully you'll be better than George Bush and make wise decisions and make America a decent place that won't keep bringing us Britain's into your problems. :-)

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3rd Nov 2008 11:21pm
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Xmas Pressie...

Oh wow... I know what I want for Christmas... this super computer... not only does it have a Samsung F1 1TB mass storage, Asus P6T Deluxe motherboard, Intel X25-M 80GB solid state drive, Intel Core i7-965 Extreme Edition CPU, HIS Radeon 4870X2 2GB GDDR5 graphics, Cooler Master HAF 932 chassis, Cooler Master Silent Pro 700 PSU, 2GB Graphics Memory, 9GB of installed DDR3 RAM (Yes, 9GB!!), Processor Speed of 3.73GHz and a Blu-ray Drive... it is known as the fastest PC ever. I want it. Only downside to it though, is that it's running... [read more]

3rd Nov 2008 10:49pm
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IP Banning in Force

Well, I'm sick of spam bots hijacking my forms with all the hundreds of links that they automatically post, so I've just sat here and made a very simple - but effective - method of removing them. Basically every page you go to on dalehay.me now initiates a little PHP based function, which takes your IP address and tries and matches it within an array of many others, if it finds a match, you can't see the site. Simple as. So any spam... means a straight up ban. :)

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