16th Apr 2009 02:24pm
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Atheros Communications Inc. - Network - Atheros AR5007EG Wireless Network Adapter

If you're on Vista then for the love of all things holy, do NOT install an update that Microsoft thinks you need titled "Atheros Communications Inc. - Network - Atheros AR5007EG Wireless Network Adapter". Reason being... it seems to fluff up pretty much every computers wireless hardware. If you do want an update or to see an update of your wireless drivers, then goto your wireless manufacturers website.

Update Details:
Atheros Communications Inc. - Network - Atheros AR5007EG Wireless Network Adapter
Download size: 311 KB
You may need to restart your computer for this update to take effect.
Update type: Optional
Atheros Communications Inc. Network software... [read more]

10th Apr 2009 12:50am
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Britain's Got Talent 2009

Well, I've got the gossip! Saturday's show has been filmed and I've got the gossip about what happens! If you do not wish to know what / who is on, then please look away now (and browse another page on Dale Hay . com) :p

First is the acts from London with Flawless, Manjit Singh - a Leicester Strongman, Flippin Bonkers - a dance troupe (which one had "I heart Amanda") on his chest, Max Beecher - a contortionist, that Piers said was "horrifically compelling", A Cherry On Top who were a can-can acrobatic dance act who Simon thought were "Bloody... [read more]

9th Apr 2009 06:31pm
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Record From Your Computer in Vista

This is a feature that a lot of people who liked to record Skype calls, record streaming audio and other various audio recording tasks used when on Windows XP, however upon using Windows Vista you cannot find the "Stereo" / "Line in" option in your Recording Devices.

Many people believed that Microsoft had got rid of it, however it's still there... it's just hidden. Here is how to get it working again.

1) Right click on your volume option down in the system tray and selected "Recording Devices".
Record From Your Computer in Vista

You should now see something like this (usually... [read more]

5th Apr 2009 06:49am
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Oh they did it...

Well waking up this morning - yes at stupid o'clock and I've now found out that North Korea has set off the rocket that they was told by others NOT to launch otherwise it'll start a war. So what did they do... they did it. Oh goodness... leave the country alone... let it continue with it's supposedly "peaceful space program"

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2nd Apr 2009 05:46pm
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Free Full (Legal) Games

After a small amount of time some games go from a commercial license to another license - usually an open source one. Once games fall into the open source type of license then they usually get modified by the gaming community and made into better versions. These are then usually released on developers websites.

One game that has really been modified a lot and released - which I remember playing this game years ago and loved it - was Warzone 2100. I used to play it on PSX ("Playstation") and loved the game, then when I found out - via WikiPedia... [read more]

1st Apr 2009 06:04am
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erm... weird...

Ok... that was just weird. I've just started to get to sleep when all of a sudden the radio comes on! I'm the only one in the room... and the radio has it's function switch on "OFF" and its power switch to "OFF" too. Now that is kinda freaky... so if anyone is deciding to play an April Fools joke on me I'm not falling for it... though that's weird how a radio can power itself without being on. Though it was a good song - Hey There Delilah.

I've put the volume down on the radio so I cannot hear... [read more]

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1st Apr 2009 05:45am
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The 4th Dimension and Science Stuff

Wow! I've just been watching BBC Horizon on the iPlayer and have really learned something amazing. Other than finally understanding about all the usual mathematics that you learn in school when doing geometry (1 dimension - a line, 2 dimensions - a square, 3 dimensions - a cube) ... I'm starting to believe the theory of the 4th dimension.

Now during the episode, I did start understanding a lot more about other things... but the one thing that got me really thinking about it - oh hold on... need the toilet... ... ... ... right am back, where was I... oh... [read more]

1st Apr 2009 02:40am
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Google April Fools 2009

Well April Fools has started and Google has already started a few off already.

YouTube New Viewing Experience
Stupid and useless, but still funny.
? YouTube New Viewing Experience

Street View Panda
When on Google Street View, in the bottom right hand corner the yellow man is now a Panda.
? Google Maps

An Australian Football with a built-in GPS system that costs $10 (AUD)
? Google: gBall

I'll update this with anymore that they do when they're discovered.

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31st Mar 2009 04:14pm
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Spotify - Free Music (and Legal!)

SpotifyNow we all know Napster... all those bad times it went through then it's transformation to legality, well there is a slightly new-ish piece of software released, which I only came across last night and I think it's brilliant!

Think of a Free Napster for life, with no buffering (so instant playing), playlists, custom made radio stations and artist listings that will even make the biggest music fan weak at the knees! Well this piece of software has it!

The software is called Spotify and is free to download for the United Kingdom... [read more]

29th Mar 2009 02:09am
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Timezone Change

Right at the time of reading this, it shouldn't be 1.09am, it's now 2.09am! Please remember to put your clocks FORWARD one hour now, so yes, you lose one hour of sleep! Please remember too, that your computer clocks will have automatically updated, so your computer is the correct time!

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