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Well Good Morning! Hmmm I seem in such a good mood today, esp. considering it is early in the morning (9.25am). I've just got the contact details off the receptionist about where my cards are being held. They were found in Old Farm Road, which is like a good distance from me. Not sure if my cards are all in there though. I'll find out tonight when I get them. :D
Ahhh, College... lovely college... just been into the rejectory (Where the rejects hand out), and now I'm in the learning zone writing this, and listening to Etta James - Love
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Well there's me thinking today cannot get better, well it can! A few days ago I lost a "wallety" thing, which contains my Student College ID Card, Bank Card, Bus Pass and another card... well about 5 minutes ago I got a phone call from my college. The tutor (Mike Waters) told me it's been found and a lady is looking after it for me. :D So i'm proper pleased about that!
Then secondly, i've had two T-Mobile sim cards delivered to me ... each offering 1000 free texts and £100 calling credit. All I have to do is whack £10
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*knock* *knock* At the door, it's the postwomen... and she hands me a package -type thing... thinking 'what the hell is this' I open it. *woohoo* It's the MP3 Player I won, now this one is only 256mb, and requires a battery, sooooo i'm keeping my current one (which is 1.5gb and charges via mains or USB). Here is a little snappy of it, not bad for free ;)
New Mp3 Player
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You know the vault... well there isn't actually ANY code for it at the moment. Now i've just selected some random codes (and popular ones) that you lot keep entering. Here they are:
90348 7345097234509834095347

I'll add some codes soon.
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It's December 2nd and I notice this email from MSN in my inbox.

MSN, me Congratulations

'I wonder what this is?' I ask myself... well I click it and read it...

Reading Email

I've what? Won an MP3 player AND free music downloads?? Ok then, I've never won anything before, so anyways I enter my contact details and send the message back.

Today (7th) I receive an email back saying this...

Reading Email 2

So I head over to MSN Music and enter the contact details I was given... and there's me thinking 'Oh yeah, they're only gonna give me about... [read more]

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Well it bloody well feels like it. At the moment I've (still) got a tight chest and breathing problems, and it's currently 00:44 in the morning... NHS Direct got back to me and told me to take 2 paracetamol's and wait 2-3 hours... so that's like what... about 3/4am ... then if the pain is still there to goto 'New Doc' or something at my local hospital. Now i'm just considering just going to bed and forgetting about it, but what happens if in the night I die? Well we'd be a tad messed up won't we... anyways i'm just... [read more]
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The worlds ugliest dog has sadly died. Yep this woofer that is simply... well UGLY, died last friday, days before his 15th birthday. Of what? I don't know, I couldn't be bothered to read CNN anymore...
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Oh My God! Hubba-Hubba *wolf whistles* Thank you to who ever sent me a picture of a hunky man via the "Contact (img)" page. He looks lovely!
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According to the BBC website for my town it's this:

Well i can tell you that this is BULLSHIT! There is no way in god's hell-hole that it's only 5c today... at the moment i'm reading -3c. Bloody liars!
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New feature people - upload images to me! Woo! Instead of just sending me a text message... why not contact me with a picture!! Yes, i finally have got around to allowing you to send me pictures, and because it's only me that views these pics, why not send me the most random, wackiest and dirtyest ones you can find!
If you encounter any problems with the contact image system, please contact me about it. Thanks & enjoy!!!
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