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Well will it be a white christmas this year?? Well I'll bet it will be this year. Now for it to qualify as a white christmas in this country at least ONE flake of snow (can be mixed with rain too) to fall in any of these locations:
I hope it does become a white Christmas, if so i'm quids in!!
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Well i've just had a little look at FaceParty's new feature they have in there chat room, which is 3D Chat. You're a little egg-type thing, until you change your character, but as soon as I went to the options the stupid thing logged me out.
FaceParty 3D Chat
Here is what the room looks like, and I'm that little egg thing on the wing of the plane.
FaceParty 3D Chat
There's me saying something... sadly, no-one else is in the room with me. :( Then following that piece of text the whole thing went blank and didn't wanna work
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What the hell is up with me?? I semi~OD'd yesterday on ASPIRIN and also had alcohol with it too : Something is really wrong with me... all those people I didn't reply to on MSN, sorry.
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Good morning all! *waves* Well for some reason I'm in a good mood. Spent most of my morning speaking to a goooorrrrrrgggeeeeeoooouuuusssss lad (name withheld), and that has totally made me feel better. Plus I have all of today to just doss around, sooo I feel like popping into college and spending the day there, chillin' with mates. This piece of news was totally irrelevant I know... so *erm* just ignore it.
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Ladies and gentlemen, the radio is now online and running! Go connect and listen!!! Click here to find out how to connect! :D
Oh what type of music is played? Well... ermm.. everything really, we've just had Scooter - The Logical Song on and now its Spice Girls - Wannabe... a bit variety :p
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Only 3 hours till a test-launch of dalehay.com radio. I'm getting nervous! *shakes*
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Well i've been a busy boy I tell ya! (Not in a dirty way either!) I've made a few updates onsite, which i'm fairly pleased with and here they are:
1) Updated database error on gallery page.
2) Updated rating viewer on view pic page.
3) Closed the blog page.
4) Removed some more unneeded code to speed up.
5) Worked on the vaults coding system.
6) Changed the way the news looks.
7) Got a bit festive in the logo.
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WOO!!!!! Ladies and Gentlemen in the next 24 hours DALEHAY.COM will launch it's own Radio Station!!! *woo* ... DANCE... TECHNO... CLASSICAL... POP... anything... it will play!!!
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My mom has opened her legs (again) and gave birth to a little girl. Thats all. Don't like kids.
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WHAT... A... NIGHT!!!
Alcohol, Loud Music, Poppers and a lovely lad to accompany me... what could have been better! Well last night I ended up breaking my Birmingham virginity, and ended up clubbin at the Gale (Nightingales). I enjoyed it sooo much! Loads of good looking people there and stuff, and also the music was wicked!! I'll be going again soon (well when I get more money) I will go! *woo* My head is a bit hurty at the moment too. :(
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