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dhIMG Tumblr

dhIMG Tumblr v1.2
(3rd June 2016)

dhIMG Twitter

dhIMG Twitter v1.9
(29th June 2020)

dhIMG Instagram

dhIMG Instagram v1.2
(29th September 2017)


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If you have ever decided to either have a social media spring-clean or maybe even if you're closing your account on Tumblr, Twitter or Instagram, then you may be wanting to save your pictures (as a nice memory).

However unlike Facebook, neither Instagram, Tumblr or Twitter offer you a full "proper" account backup, so the only way to get your pictures would be to manually save them all individually - which can obviously be VERY time consuming.

This is the reason I have created a collection of small (<100kb) programs that allow you to download all the images (and videos in the Instagram version) in seconds to your computer.



Like any of these programs and want to "thank" Dale for them? Feel free to donate.

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