23rd Apr 2015 09:57pm
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I think I have came across quite possibly the best extension (which the exception of uBlock Origin) for Google Chrome, Wurstify.

The extension is totally free and installs very quickly on to Google Chrome and, as you may have guessed from the extensions name (If you remember Conchita Wurst) it shoves a beard on to any picture it can whilst you browse the internet.

To show it in action, I did a nice simple Google Image search for "female politicians" and the results are like so:


I activated the extension and now, BEARDS!


I personally cannot stop laughing... it also makes reading the news a whole lot better too. :D



Don't just stop there though, why not venture onto Twitter? Facebook? Instagram?

The only slight two drawbacks I've noticed at the moment though, is:

1) Images load very slow (as it has to process the images, find where to put the beard, then relay them back)

2) There just seems to be only a small few types of beard. I'm sure more will come in time.

If you use Google Chrome, then the extension can be downloaded directly from the Wurstify website.



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