4th Apr 2015 08:25am
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All 4 Jailbreak Detection Bypassed

One of my Tweeters asked me the other night if I am having any problems with the AppStore, so I decided to download an App to see if there was any problems and there wasn't. However this App was Channel 4's newly named thing instead of it being 4oD ("On Demand"), it's now All 4 - bit wank IMO.

So anyway, I opened it up and was presented with this screen ...

All 4 Jailbreak Detection Bypassed

... immediate thought, Flex!

And within 20-30 seconds I got this instead ...

All 4 Jailbreak Detection Bypassed

... so quick, and so simple!

And it works too... I randomly clicked on some programme called First Dates (*shrugs*), and that played.

All 4 Jailbreak Detection Bypassed

Fire up Flex, add a new patch, select All 4, then all you need to do is find this following Unit and edit its boolean value:

-(BOOL) isJailbroken

Head back and activate the patch. That's it. I told you it was easy... like far too easy(!) Makes you wonder why on Earth they've even got it on in the first place.

Anyways, if you have any requests for patches for other iOS (preferably iPhone-based ones), then let me know in the comments below and I'll see what I can do for you. :)


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7th Apr 2015 12:17

where do I find ''-(BOOL) isJailbroken''?

By Matt b


7th Apr 2015 18:08

Hey Matt,

If you open up "Flex", click the "+" in the top right, select "All 4".

Click on "Add Units...", then click "All 4" [under the Executable bit] (and wait for it to load/show an arrow). Once the arrow has loaded, click it and you'll see a search box at the top. Just type in "isJailbroken" and the unit will show up. :)

By Dale Hay


8th May 2015 17:11


Nice blog entry

Any ideas how to port the "no adverts" patch onto all4?



By Andrew


8th May 2015 18:28

Scratch that (possibly)

Have had a play and uploaded something that looks like it works

By Andrew


24th May 2015 15:15

I can't find all 4, how would I do it?

By Aaron


24th May 2015 17:24

Hey Aaron,

Make sure you have All 4 installed on your device, then when you load up Flex (it should say "Patches" at the top), click the "+" (Plus) option. All 4 will be in that list.

By Dale Hay


27th May 2015 18:46


I can't see your no ads upload. Could you screen shot the changes you made.

By Ron


29th May 2015 09:39

Hi Ron

I've uploaded it to the "4oD" section as 'All 4 patch ads remover (beta)'

By Andrew


30th May 2015 10:17

It's bizarrely not there. I only see 6 4od patches which are all for 4od and not All4

By Ron


30th May 2015 15:16

Hey Andrew,

I can confirm too that the patch isn't appearing in the 4oD section on Flex, as Ron has said.

All on that list seem to just be for 4oD, but not All4 - which still confuses me as to why All4 is listed on there as 4oD and not All4. :/

By Dale Hay


30th May 2015 17:30

this is what I see :


By Andrew


30th May 2015 21:24

Hmm, I suppose it might be because you're using an iPad? That's the only thing I can really think that's different. :/

By Dale Hay


31st May 2015 00:15

Hi Andrew

Could you upload your patches.plist to somewhere so we could use it? I still find it strange why I can't see those new mods

By Ron


31st May 2015 21:33

Here's the meat from the flex patch data file wotnot


Hope this helps!

By Andrew


31st May 2015 21:39

Thanks for that Andrew. :)

By Dale Hay


6th Jul 2015 23:58

Can u do one for Barclays mobile banking ?

By Fred


7th Jul 2015 21:17

How do you use this "meat file" to do anything?

By Adam


27th Oct 2015 16:59

Hello the latest version is blocked can you create a patch or tell me which boolean to change?




30th Oct 2015 03:26

I am unable to find the BOOL isJailbroken
I tried a cloud patch but still not working.

Any fixes?

(Latest All 4, IOS7, Latest Flex 2, IPhone 4S)

By Box


12th Jun 2016 14:05

Anybody know how to get this to work now? I'm trying to find the isJailbroken unit but it doesn't seem to be showing up anymore. Any ideas?



28th Jul 2016 02:18

I dont know think its been patched

By Jordan


2nd Aug 2016 22:46


This tweak works August 16

By Mark gibbs


4th Oct 2017 22:55

Found the bool. Changed to false. Went back and clicked the tick to activate it? Still doesn't work?

By J spoon


3rd Oct 2019 08:04

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