19th Mar 2015 09:57pm
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The end is nigh for Internet Explorer - the dreaded 19 year old web browser that we've all came to hate. Riddled with more bugs than your local town hooker, Microsoft have now stopped with the development of Internet Explorer (obviously security patches and stuff will still be sent out) and are now focusing on their new web browser titled Spartan.

I've yet to get hold of a copy of Spartan to give it a little whirl, but I'm guessing - as both IE and Spartan run off the Trident engine - it'll just be Internet Explorer... in a dress... with some lipstick slapped on and given a different name. Many people on the internet though are seeming to believe this will be a whole brand new revolution and are literally creaming their undercrackers at the thought of a new browser. It's not going to be new - it's Barry, dressing up and now being known as Brenda.

And talking of new things, there's also now Vivaldi - no not Antonio Vivaldi - but yet another new web browser. It's from a company that was founded by a former co-founder and CEO of Opera (that do the Opera Web Browser), and the reason they have decided to make a separate browser is because they believed the Opera web browser changed engine, removed much loved features and basically went shit.

Vivaldi Web Browser

I have downloaded Vivaldi and gave it a whirl... and I'm not impressed. I set a page as my homepage, then tell it to open the homepage upon launch, and guess what? It doesn't. Nope. It continues to open the last web page I was on - so if anyone fancies using this web browser, I suggest you change from that web site you was viewing for "research" purposes and go to Google or something THEN close the web browser down. Along with that annoying problem, it is also HEAVY on my laptop, not in filesize terms, but in CPU terms. It lags like a bitch.

With all the choice of web browsers now-a-days, I thought to myself I'll do a little test and try the four web browsers I have installed on my laptop to load the homepage (being my blog) and check A) how long it took to load the website fully and B) how many processes and how much RAM was being used when left idle on my site for a minute.

Conditions: All caches were emptied from the web browsers, all addons/plugins/extensions removed and the homepage was set to http://dalehay.me.

Firefox (35.0)

Time Taken To Load Fully
8 seconds

firefox.exe [169,888K]

Total Processes
Processes: 1 = 169,888K


Google Chrome (42.0.2311.22 Dev)

Time Taken To Load Fully
11 seconds

chrome.exe [26,408K]
chrome.exe [15,688K]
chrome.exe [52,444K]

Total Processes
Processes: 3 = 94,540K


Internet Explorer (11.0.9600.17239)

Time Taken To Load Fully
6 seconds

iexplore.exe [4,180K]
iexplore.exe [16,740K]

Total Processes
Processes: 2 = 20,920K


Vivaldi ( Dev)

Time Taken To Load Fully
17 seconds

vivaldi.exe [47,480K]
vivaldi.exe [27,324K]
vivaldi.exe [18,424K]
vivaldi.exe [19,572K]

Total Processes
Processes: 4 = 112,800K


So, as you can see from them results... even though we cannot stand the browser, Internet Explorer is still the quicker one to open up and also to load web pages too. Quite surprising for a browser that gets a load of flack. For the time being though, I'll just continue to stick with the ever-growing-bulkier Chrome browser, until I can find a simple, secure and ultra-lightweight browser.

Any suggestions?


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