23rd Feb 2015 05:58pm
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Can You Be Afraid Of Black People?

Firstly, I'll start this article with a couple of warnings...

This article CONTAINS some terms which others may find OFFENSIVE (they're being used in the correct context for this article [uncensored]).

This article is NOT in support of racism.

This article is NOT defending a UK councillor, this is merely a general thought that arose in light of recent events.

That's that bit out the way, so, as I've just said "this is merely a general thought" which popped into my head this morning when I was listening to the radio and it made me think, is it possible to actually be afraid of black people?

The reason I wondered this is because of the recent UKIP councillor, Rozanne Duncan, whilst on a BBC documentary "Meet The Ukippers" said "I really do have a problem with people with Negroid features" and obviously with a quote like that, every newspaper, (talk) radio station and media outlet in the country have been all over this. Now as I said at the start, this article is NOT about defending Mrs Duncan, however an interesting thought popped into my head when I heard her say "I wish I knew why".

Maybe she is scared... frightened... afraid... whatever you want to call it? And this is the reason why she had a problem with them?

Now, before you start going all moany-shouty, etc... hear me out (as I'm not exactly the best at explaining myself - especially in a text-based format either, because you never know how I'm saying/putting my stuff across).

Out in the world, there's a million and one fears. Some are more widely feared, like the fear of heights or the fear of dying, and this spans all the way to fears that sound absolutely daft, but people do have them (eg; fear of buttons - yes, those little plastic circle things that fasten up your coat/jacket scare the living daylights out of people). One fear that sprang to mind was the fear of clowns ("Coulrophobia").

Now if you asked a person who is coulrophobic, "what is it about clowns that you dislike/fear/hate?" they'll probably mention something like:
- It's the way they act
- It's their features
- It's the way they're portrayed in tv/films (notably Pennywise)

Those three things in that list are usually the general reasons that can be applied to quite a lot of various other fears too, however sometimes it's something a bit deeper than that - usually embedded in our minds from when we were children (maybe a clown smashed your favourite VHS up? Or you woke to find one lurking under your bed? *slowly lifts feet up*), the mind is an awesome object, but at the same time can do some of the weirdest things. And sticking with the weird things, we go back to discussing the fear of black people - which I believe the correct term is Negrophobia? Is it possible to be afraid of black people? Or even hate black people (not in a "hate hate" way, but in a "fear hate" way)?

There's obviously a different between "hate hate" and "fear hate", as "hate hate" would be where you'd be offensive 24/7 through your own choice, join some white power nut-job group and start singing crude songs around a burning cross, and "fear hate" would be something more of a psychological reason. With the first, a good old smack around the head and a little education would kick you into the right direction, and as for the latter, there's people out there that cure folk who have all sorts of fears/phobias - I've seen quite a lot of success stories too, so you know it works.

So to sum up what I've been blabbering on about:

Yes, you can end up being afraid of black people (to the extent where the fear takes over so much and becomes something you hate) without being a "racist".

Yes, it can be sorted (be it a clout around the head or, with most things, professional help)

And I hope this article made sense... it sounded better when it was running through my head, yet the second my fingers touch the keys that's it *wipe*, all gone. :/


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