14th Apr 2006 06:00am
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The people that make the forum software that i'm using onsite, have released an update. The update eliminates various security risks.

When you apply the patch to your MyBB forum, you may have a problem with showing 2 images in one post (or signature). To fix this simply open 'inc/functions_post.php' and find:
$message = preg_replace("#[img](https?://([^<>"']+))[/img]#i", "<img src="$1" border="0" alt="" />", $message);
and replace it with:
$message = preg_replace("#[img](https?://([^<>"']+?))[/img]#i", "<img src="$1" border="0" alt="" />", $message);
(Thanks DCoder)

» MyBB Community Forum - 1.1.1 Update


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15th Apr 2006 22:18

you sound sooo sexy when you talk all technical. LOL

By Jon_Jon


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