19th Feb 2015 10:15am
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dhIMG TwitterdhIMG Twitter has been updated to now include the downloading of animated files too (usually what you upload as a GIF, then gets converted on Twitter's server and shown as an MP4 file - mainly because it's much quicker to deliver and smaller in size too).

Changes in v1.2

» Images download in their original resolution
» Animated GIF/MP4 files now download
» Couple of bugs fixed


I have been having a load of people contacting me to ask if the "Max Images" dropdown can be higher than 1,000. I have looked into this, however when I did a test (and set it as 2,500), it only got 1,000 - even though I've got over 7,000 media items on my account. However I will continue to look at a way around this.


You can download the latest version from:

For instructions on how to use this program, please check its initial release post here.


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21st Apr 2015 19:34

Hey, it looks like it doesn't work anymore :/ I used your soft some time ago and it was really usefull but now it directly says that he downloaded everything but it DL nothing... May it be because of twitter's updates?

By Miskin


22nd Apr 2015 02:22

Hey Miskin,

I will look into this and see what the problem could be. :)

By Dale Hay


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