2nd Dec 2014 07:55am
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BT Advert Con

The past couple of weeks when watching the odd few things on TV, I've noticed another advert from BT - you know the ones, the storyline type ones with those two lads and a woman. Well, in this advert the lads had a mate around watching Breaking Bad on Netflix, and says:

Lad 1: "Well we did it"
Lad 2: "Two days solid"
Mate: "Yep"
Lad 1: "Breaking Bad, done!"

That immediately got me gobbing off to myself (as I wasn't around other people when I first watched the advert *starts playing All By Myself*), the reason for me gobbing off is that this cannot be truthful. I'm not on about the fact of slobbing it in front of the TV for two days straight, we've all done it (I think/hope), but the fact that if you read the small print on the advert it states "Usage limit: 20GB/month".

BT Advert Con

So, let's work this out - of which we'll do two sets of working out (one for if they are watching in SD [Standard Definition] and one for if they're, more than likely - as it seems in the advert - watching in HD [High Definition])

According to Netflix's website:

"Watching Netflix uses about 1 GB of data per hour for each stream of standard definition video, and up to 3 GB per hour for each stream of HD video"

So, we'll use those figures for our examples 1GB and 3GB respectively. The advert says "2 whole days" and also mentions "watched all of Breaking Bad", so we'll also have to do workings for if we're going to use 48-hours or work out the time it takes to watch all episodes of Breaking Bad. There's (according to WikiPedia) 62 episodes, with a complete total advertisement-free running time of... hang on a second...

BT Advert Con

... there we go, 2,820 minutes, or in a more normal way 1 day and 23 hours.

So this will mean that if they did ALL the Breaking Bad episodes on Netflix in SD, they would've used about 47GB of bandwidth. For HD, they would've used upto 141GB! Both of which are WAY over the normal BT "usage limit" of the product(s) being advertised, BT Infinity, so you'll then be CHARGED an extra £5.60 for EVERY 5GB you go over (Charges: SD £33.60, HD £125.00). The only possible way that this can be done with BT, is to go into your Netflix "Your Account" page and click "Playback settings" in the "Your Profile" section and choose "Low", which uses about 0.3GB an hour (total usage 14.1GB), this is also not taking into account anything else you may watch/listen/stream online or just your general internet usage either (computers, laptops, online gaming, tablets, mobiles, etc..).

And before people say that they have the "unlimited" stuff that BT offer, there's A) no mention of that in either this advert OR in the small print, and B) this is what's being advertised...

BT Advert Con

Does make you wonder...


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