23rd Oct 2014 12:25am
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On Tuesday (21st October 2014) a handful of news websites started running stories along with this image, saying it was a picture taken by Adam Wright of a tornado in Burton.

Burton Tornado
Burton Tornado

According to one article on the Burton Mail website, Adam had mentioned "Me and my mate Rich Walton were driving from my house in Stretton to B&Q at about 7:30am", so this happened fairly early in the morning.

Burton Tornado

Upon first looking at the picture you can clearly see a nice looking tornado and that the picture can clearly be made out to be in the United Kingdom (road signs, vehicle licence plates, road markings, the KwikFit van, etc). It looks believeable, but is it? Well, infact it isn't. The picture it seems is photoshopped (good job to whoever actually did it).

The reasons for saying it's Photoshopped (or whatever term you would use for a doctored image) is that:

A) Something of this shape and size would astound people and there would've been more that just this ONE image taken of it. Yes. Something of that size and form was only "photographed" by ONE person. Highly unlikely, especially in the age of mobile camera devices that we live in.

B) Someone from the area took a drive around to where this tornado is supposedly positioned (near the B&Q roundabout) in this picture and reported that there was not a single bit of damage (no tree damage, no markings in the grass, no structural damage either). Also highly unlikely considering the apparent size of this tornado.

C) The on-duty firefighters at the local fire station mentioned that they didn't recieve a call out. (Nothing mentioned from the Police or Ambulance services yet)

D) After shoving it in Photoshop and fiddling with a few things, I noticed that it seems weirdly "blank" (where the arrow points to), which could be a suggestion that someone had used a feathered eraser to clean the edges of where the building is, but accidentally fluffed up.

Burton Tornado

E) Along with those points, there's also been a few mentions (along with debates within the weather community) of how the atmosphere was at the time of this picture "supposedly" being taken. Some have mentioned "Atmosphere across most of the UK was NOT conducive for tornado development this morning, as flow with height was uni-directional.", yet the Met Office supposedly mentioned "Given the conditions in the Burton area this morning, with squally wind, there is every chance that there was a tornado."

For me, until I see proof of more physical reports of this (preferably photo or video too), then I am on the side of the fence to say that this is a fake. Apologies to Adam Wright and Rich Walton if this *was* actually true, but it just doesn't seem convincing enough.

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