4th Oct 2014 02:25am
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I only posted two days ago about checking your sources. I bet these people wished they did now after a week of retweet (RT) based goofs, where one tweeter would ask a celebrity to RT their picture of a certain "family member" - but instead of including a real image of said family member, they decide to use various "other" images.

As you can see below, a load have fooled them and they've gone on to retweet them - however after various replies like "he's britains most notorious paedophile", etc.. the said retweets were un-retweeted. Here's a few that have happened this week:

Billy Ray Cyrus (country singer) fell for a Jimmy Savile tweet

Oliver Heldens (music producer) fell for a Raoul Moat tweet

Donald Trump ('murican) fell for a Fred West and Rose West tweet

MC Hammer (rapper) fell for a Peter Sutcliffe (aka The Yorkshire Ripper) tweet

It wouldn't surprise me if there's a few more from this week, if I find anymore I'll be sure to add them to the list.


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