2nd Oct 2014 12:10pm
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The internet these days is a weird and wonderful place, however what's real and what's not is usually a problem for many folk to decipher, especially since the popularisation of Photoshop. Which is why I always like to check my sources (if available) before believing something.

However, a lot of places didn't check their sources with this story. It went viral Tuesday with various websites carrying it with various titles like "Cheerleader Takes Dump On Teammates In Mid-Air", as you can see in this article.

Check Your Sources

It didn't take long to do the rounds on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter too.

Check Your Sources

And also loads of people, including a few radio DJ's in the United States have also been reported to have been talking about this like it was a totally real event. Now I did say this post was about checking your sources, so what of it? Well, this picture - as with quite a fair few things online, is fake. It came from a subreddit titled "Photoshop Battles" (/r/photoshopbattles), where people post a random picture and others do a bit of image manipulation on it and post their results. A majority of them are hilarious! And as with this one example, some are good enough to even fool the general public.

So, just remember not to believe everything you see online as it may just be a load of crap - pun intended.

Here's the original picture that was posted (by chickensalad55):

Check Your Sources

And here's the photoshopped version (by totalitarian_jesus):

Check Your Sources

Good piece of work though. And remember, always check the source before believing something. (Handy tip for Google Chrome users... ALT+S)

I've always wanted something I've done in Photoshop to go viral... one day maybe, one day.


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