28th Aug 2014 11:14pm
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Met Office No Adverts

A handy free app supplied by the United Kingdom's main weather folk, which allows us Brit's to see the up coming weather along with some precipitation overlays. Though this app does come with a banner at the bottom of the screen - which even though it's only small, it still annoys me. Here's yet another simple/piss easy way of getting rid of it.

- Jailbroken iPhone
- Flex 2
- Met Office App (Dur!)

What To Do:
** I am hoping you have some basic knowledge of Flex? **

1) Add (+) a new App and choose Met Office.

2) Click "Add Units..." -> Executable "Met Office"

3) Search and tick the follow:
-(BOOL) displayAdvertising

4) Now edit the values as specified below:

-(BOOL) displayAdvertising

5) Return to the main screen and active it.

6) Now load up the Met Office app and you shouldn't see the advert banner appear at the bottom of the app. Simple.


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