28th Aug 2014 09:54pm
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TVCatchup No Adverts

TV Catchup, like a load of apps these days is getting more pants by the minute - mainly because "broadcasters" don't want them streaming their channels ... welcome to the digital age people! Welcome.

Anyways, if you're like me and prefer to watch your non-commercial stuff (i.e; BBC) on the BBC iPlayer then you don't get bugged by adverts, however using TV Catchup to watch already commercialised broadcasts requires you to sit and watch yet another boring advert (this is obviously to help fund TV catchup), well if you don't wish to see this advert at the beginning of your streams, then follow on - it's PISS EASY!

- Jailbroken iPhone
- Flex 2
- TV Catchup App (Dur!)

What To Do:
** I am hoping you have some basic knowledge of Flex? **

1) Add (+) a new App and choose TV Catchup.

2) Click "Add Units..." -> Executable "TV Catchup"

3) Search and tick the follow:
-(BOOL) areAdsDisabled

4) Now edit the values as specified below:

-(BOOL) areAdsDisabled

5) Return to the main screen and active it. (Told you it was PISS EASY! One value, that's it!)

6) Now load TV Catchup and when you click a stream now, it'll go straight to the broadcast.


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21st Jul 2015 10:54

Filmon Free Live TV app seems to be better than TVCatchup theses days. Available for all platforms

By Mark


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