28th Aug 2014 09:22pm
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Grindr Xtra for Free

[Update for the 'new' Grindr app here, thanks to Anonymous]

Well considering Grindr hasn't been bothered about security risks and stuff over the past few years within their app, I may aswell - as I'll just be ignored anyways - share a little hackety-poo that allows you to have Grindr Xtra on your iPhone for free! Forever too - well that's unless they update the program... hah.

- Jailbroken iPhone
- Flex 2
- Grindr (Dur!)

What To Do:
** I am hoping you have some basic knowledge of Flex? **

1) Add (+) a new App and choose Grindr.

2) Click "Add Units..." -> Executable "Grindr"

3) Search and tick the follow:
-(unsigned int) cascadeLimit
-(BOOL) isXtraUser
-(BOOL) profileSwipeEnabled
-(BOOL) pushNotificationsEnabled
-(void) setPushNotificationsEnabled
-(int) xtraSubscriptionDaysRemaining
-(int) xtraSubscriptionSecondsRemaining

4) Now edit the values as specified below:

-(unsigned int) cascadeLimit

-(BOOL) isXtraUser

-(BOOL) profileSwipeEnabled

-(BOOL) pushNotificationsEnabled

-(void) setPushNotificationsEnabled

-(int) xtraSubscriptionDaysRemaining

-(int) xtraSubscriptionSecondsRemaining

5) Return to the main screen and active it.

6) Fire up Grindr and hey-presto! Grindr Xtra, no ads, full screen, swipeable profiles, push notifications(!) and unlimited men.

NOTE: A big thank you to 'Junn' for pointing out the typo in this post (I originally posted 'casecaseLimit' instead of 'cascadeLimit'). This has now been corrected above. *


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10th Nov 2014 11:54

Hey, nice info on hacking Grindr.

However, I wonder if you know how to do same thing on Android?

I cant find similar code to these while using APK editor:
-(BOOL) isXtraUser
-(int) xtraSubscriptionDaysRemaining
-(int) xtraSubscriptionSecondsRemaining


By Joned


15th Nov 2014 04:16

Hey Joned,

I have a spare Android phone lingering around somewhere, I will find it at some point soon and have a snoop around for you (there should be something similar).

By Dale Hay


24th Nov 2014 00:22

This worked perfectly for me, thanks a lot!

By Háthor


29th Nov 2014 13:43

Thanks for this Dale Hay!
But I would also be more interested in a Grindr Xtra hack for Android devices. It would be great if you could look into it.


By Luka


6th Dec 2014 03:19

Hey, could you help me disable grindr recognising a jailbroken device and also stop the survey popping up. Overtime I sent a message the survey with survey monkey pops up. Please help!

By Adam


7th Dec 2014 00:28

Hello Adam.

I've not come across the survey monkey issue. If you've successfully activated the above instructions, you shouldn't be getting anything popping up - unless there's something else on your phone causing the problem? You are using the official Grindr app from the App Store and not a dodgy copy from an unofficial source?

As for it recognising a jailbroken device, that's another thing I've never had appear either. Before I continue, may I ask what Jailbreak you used? As I used Pangu (for iOS7.1.x) and haven't had any problems.


By Dale Hay


7th Dec 2014 03:06

Hey Dale,

Thanks heaps for the reply. I used pangu for iOS 8.1. Ive done exactly as above. I just assumed it's popping up as it recognises it's jailbroken, as I don't have the problem when it isn't jailbroken. no dodgy app, official one.... it's driving me up the wall!

Any advice?

By Adam


8th Dec 2014 00:14

Hey Dale,

I did exactly as you said. It's the official grindr app, used pangu for iiOS 8. It's sooooo annoying

By Adam


8th Dec 2014 00:26

Hey Adam,

No worries mate.

I'm yet to try Pangu for iOS8 yet (still living in the iOS7 dark ages). I will have a look in about 30 minutes (when I'm free) and see what values you could attempt to change and see if that works for you. (Obviously I won't be able to test it as I'm still on iOS7)

Catch you in a bit.

By Dale Hay


8th Dec 2014 01:02

Hey again Adam,

See if this works:

Flex -> Grindr -> (Units) Add Units... -> (Executable) Grindr -> [Search] jail

Mine comes up with two (BOOL) options, one titled "isDeviceJailbroken" and the other "deviceIsJailbroken". Tick both of them, then cancel the search and go back to the original "Patch Editor" screen. Find them two units you've just ticked (at the bottom of your list) and change the values for both of them to "FALSE".

Unit for +(BOOL) isDeviceJailbroken -> (Return Value (BOOL)) pass-through -> (Override Value) pass-through -> FALSE

Unit for +(BOOL) deviceIsJailbroken -> (Return Value (BOOL)) pass-through -> (Override Value) pass-through -> FALSE

Once done, make sure the Grindr Flex patch is active and see if that stops any Jailbroken messages.

By Dale Hay


8th Dec 2014 01:36

Hey Dale,

Ther is only the isdevicejailbroken and I had already set it to false before your reply. Still nothing! Making me so sad :(

By Adam


8th Dec 2014 01:43

Hmm, that's strange.

Whilst I'm still on Pangu (iOS7) I won't be able to check it out for you until I upgrade my JB.

Is Pangu for iOS8 stable enough now? I've left it a while, so they could iron out any bugs, etc.. if so, if you don't mind baring with me for a bit, I'll get around to backing up my phone and upgrading at some point during the week, then I'll be able to try and see if I can find a fix for you.

By Dale Hay


8th Dec 2014 01:56

Thanks heaps man!

By Adam


9th Dec 2014 14:21

Hey there! This is so great, thanks a bunch for the guide. Really easy to understand and it totally works! Are there similar hacks for hornet/scruff?

By Dan


10th Dec 2014 03:23

Which version of Grindr are you using? I have 2.0.24 app and a flex 2 for that version and it doesn't work. Says my subscription has expired.

By Stefan


10th Dec 2014 05:28

Hey Dan,
I'm unsure as I haven't used Hornet or Scruff for quite a while. I mainly use either Grindr or Jack'd.

By Dale Hay


10th Dec 2014 05:30

Hey Stefan,

I'm using Grindr 2.1.0 (3rd December), along with Flex2.

By Dale Hay


17th Dec 2014 13:09

how to put saved phrases? To save phrases on flex?

By Gaia


22nd Jan 2015 01:40

Hi, the push notifications doesn't work for me. What did I do wrong? :'(

By Nicolas


26th Jan 2015 07:49

Worked like a charm =3

By Shin


4th Feb 2015 04:52

Push notifications didn't work for me either. Using grindr 2.1.1- and did confirm that correct values were entered. :)

By Kell


5th Feb 2015 06:27

Could you expand on what you mean by "phrases"?


The push notifications no longer seem to work at the moment.


Excellent! Enjoy!


Sadly the push notifications no longer work, however I will keep an eye out on what I can find.

By Dale Hay


1st Mar 2015 08:03

To enable saved phrases:

(BOOL) advancedChatEnabled

Set value to 'TRUE'

By Agora


9th Mar 2015 11:52

to get push to work, I paid the $1 for the Xtra app and used essentially the same tweak for Grindr Xtra (you have to create a separate one for the Grindr Xtra app - the one for Grindr will not work), and push notifications were working fine for me until a few days ago... anyone else having this problem?

By t


22nd Mar 2015 14:31

Hi! I have the same problem with push notificarions. They worked just fine at the beggining and then didnt work anymore, anyone knows a solution for this?

By Mrc


21st May 2015 17:09

Please update the patch for grindr 2.2.2 version to get xtra for free thx :) ill be wait for the new update

By Davin


22nd May 2015 01:40

Hello Davin,

I'm currently using Grindr v2.2.2 (released 26th March 2015) with the settings mentioned in the post and everything - except push notifications - seems to still be working fine.

Have you made sure the Flex patch is switched on ("ticked"/"checked") and that you have restarted Grindr?

By Dale Hay


29th May 2015 17:14

I'm using Grindr xtra with flex2. Everything worked including notification until 9th March. Then no more.
With surprise, they started working again from 23 to 26 May (grindr xtra v2.2.2). And then, they stopped working anymore.
Anyone having this issue ? I wonder if it's my iphone or grindr's servers

By Paul


30th May 2015 15:05

Hey Paul,

Now that you mention it, I have had a random day or two where push notifications would work, then a majority of the days they don't work.

I doubt it would be a problem with your iPhone, as you're not the only one having problems with it, so it could just be a problem on Grindr's side. If I find someone who has Grindr Xtra (that's been normally paid for), I'll ask them if their notifications are working. :)

By Dale Hay


5th Jul 2015 11:58

I did all this and it works perfectly on IOS 8.4 (TaiG Jailbreak)

Any news on the same hack for Android? If I need an APK editor, which one? Thanks

By Mark


7th Jul 2015 18:19

The only thing that doesn't work is when you block someone you still get the adverts. Probably a unit you missed somewhere :)

By Mark


10th Jul 2015 19:08

Please please PLEASE how to do this on Android??? <3

By Sean


19th Jul 2015 09:02

Hey do you think you could do this for the Gaydar app?

By Urzo


19th Jul 2015 12:25

I will have a look into how the Gaydar app works Urzo and will contact you if I can do so. :)

By Dale Hay


20th Jul 2015 12:16

I think I've found the units to stop ads after you block someone.

-(BOOL) shouldDiplayBlocksInterstitial
-(BOOL) setShouldDiplayBlocksInterstitial

Set both to FALSE

I can now block without the annoying advertisement

By Mark


20th Jul 2015 12:49

Ooops...Type...Missed out an "s"

-(BOOL) shouldDisplayBlocksInterstitial FALSE
-(BOOL) setShouldDisplayBlocksInterstitial FALSE

By Mark


20th Jul 2015 14:24

I also found a couple more I needed to allow for a high number of daily blocks.

-(unsigned int) dailyBlockLimit
-(void) setDailyBlockLimit (unsigned int)

I set them both to a value of 2000, but more if really don't like people :)

By Mark


23rd Jul 2015 03:12

Thanks! Still working. Seemed there was two for each value below so I added both to get in. Otherwise I was getting subscription ended today.

-(int) xtraSubscriptionDaysRemaining
-(int) xtraSubscriptionSecondsRemaining

By Adam


25th Jul 2015 11:14

how can I get push notifications to work? Both lines dont work

By Southgaia


26th Jul 2015 15:00

i can't find (unsigned int) casecadelimit???

By said


27th Jul 2015 03:32

I did exactly as u said and its working except for the push notifications it is not working. I have a 8.3 jailbroken by taig iphone 6 plus.

By Mahmoud


27th Jul 2015 04:22

The push notifications seem to be a problem on Grindr's side. They're very temperamental - sometimes they work, sometimes they don't.

By Dale Hay


8th Aug 2015 13:59

I have iphone6 plus ios8.4 i did install everything butt when i open flex2 cant find grindr. Help!

By Rish


8th Aug 2015 14:22

Btw. I forgot to mention my phone has been recently jbken and installed the free flex 2 on cydia. If i did something wrong please tell me. Would love to see your reply thanks.

By Rish


8th Aug 2015 14:55

Hello Rish,

When you load up Flex, you clicked the [+] in the top-right corner, yeah?

Grindr should be showing in that list. If not, turn your phone off, then back on again, and see if it has appeared. :)

By Dale Hay


8th Aug 2015 15:14

Hey Dale Hay, I did what you told me and of course followed your instructions...however when I fired up grindr its still the same. Not on xtra. Huhu

By Rish


9th Aug 2015 14:26

Hi Dale,
Thanks for the very useful info. I did all that but yeah same like others there was no push notification at all.
Apart from that it seems like the number of people i can reach ks like max 10-12 km from where i am. As i know in grindr xtra it is supposed to be unlimited some sort.
Can u help me on that?

By Jj


16th Aug 2015 15:58

I followed the instruction and it doesn't work. The app message show that I need to renew the subscription??



16th Aug 2015 16:37

Nevermind, I picked the wrong unit and now it is working. Thanks, haha.



17th Aug 2015 22:15

Thank you so much Dale Hay, totally working for me! Any idea how to decrease the refresh/loading time? And permission for more filters? Thanks in advance!

By BornThisWay


27th Aug 2015 08:19

I have the latest version of grindr xtra, and some of the units above are not showing up when I search for them.

By Bj


19th Oct 2015 01:11

Hi Dale, I have updated to ios 9 and it does not work. can you advise pleaseeee ?

By adam


19th Oct 2015 13:32

hey thre on ios 9.0.2 dose not work at all.

By Asadnow2k


19th Oct 2015 15:48

Hey Adam and Asadnow2k, I haven't got around to updating to iOS 9 yet, so I won't be able to know what the problem is until I do.

I plan to upgrade some point during the week, then I'll update the article. :)

By Dale Hay


19th Oct 2015 22:21

Had Grindr app installed on my phone.
Installed Pangu ios9 version (ios9.2 iPhone 6)
Bought Flex2.
Read above instructions without any previous knowledge of wtf I was doing.

Grindr loads then instantly switches screen to GrindrXtra.,all features work. No ads.

AMAZING. Thank you.

Anymore tricks up your sleeves, Dale??

By 420badger


20th Oct 2015 01:08

The patch worked for a bit. I think after respring it stops working and won't work even if I recreated it. I tried other patches in flex cloud and it worked at the beginning and stopped eventually. Hope we get some help soon!

By Jimbo


20th Oct 2015 01:43

Hi guys, when I try and do the above steps for Grindr or Grindr Extra I get a message saying the executable hasn't been processed. Hopefully dale you can help!

By Adam


20th Oct 2015 01:59

Just tried it again and it worked! I won't be respringing again haha just in case it does not work! DALE YOU LEGEND!

By Adam


20th Oct 2015 05:08

Can someone that has it working upload it to the flex cloud with the date labeled?

By James


22nd Oct 2015 08:56

I have 9.02 and Grindr xtra and everything works fine except that nobody seems to receive my pics I send them

By Tobi


22nd Oct 2015 10:56

QUESTION: I would like a flex patch that sets my location to a different country within Grindr (is this possible?) (could I reset longitude and latitude co'ordinates to one of my choosing?)

Although I can set filters and my screen will fill up with guys 3000miles away, my profile is still set in the UK so non of them guys can see my profile unless I message them first.

Any help or advice would be appreciated.

By 420badger


23rd Oct 2015 03:28

Hey 420badger,

If you do a search in Cydia for a program called GPSCheat - you can then set your phones location ANYWHERE in the world.

I was quite surprised how many people were on Grindr in Iraq (and they weren't our troops either). :)

By Dale Hay


23rd Oct 2015 11:03

I have follow that steps, it woks. But after that, it doesn't works anymore, though I re-create it again:(
Any body can help me? Please
I'm using iPhone 5s with iOS 9.0.2 jailbroken

By 31yes


24th Oct 2015 07:30

this works but the number of displayed profiles are not unlimited. it says at the bottom max guys loaded. and it's only 25km away. could you tell me what's the problem?

By Zz


24th Oct 2015 08:56

I used the tutorial and it worked but i don't get notifications what did i wrong?

By Andre


26th Oct 2015 10:26

This method does work- the trick seems to be that if u are adjusting your already installed (free) Grindr.app notifications will not work- (something in the way of it never had push so u aint getting it)
However a new install of Grindr.app (never launched before running ur Flex2 tweaks) will offer u push notifications after u log into your account.
The other option is install GrindrXtra from app store (or appcake- you naughty boys) where push is an active part of the subscription, and even if the subscription has run out, push will reactivate when this tweak is applied.

I have tried this several times (with different versions of same app on iphone), and the only one I cant get to work is my original install where all my chats are stored. So if u are willing to loose all chats - just clean install Grindr.app (all favourites are kept)

By passworddevil


26th Oct 2015 10:44

EDIT__ favourites are not kept-- everything is cleared chats and favourites on a clean install

By passworddevil


8th Nov 2015 07:47

got any update on the new version 2.2.6??



9th Nov 2015 12:16

The steps in this post to get Grindr Xtra for free DO work... have had it working on my 6+ for a few weeks now and it always says I have 30 days remaining on my subscription. I used Grindr Xtra to do this - I let it expire after the 10 day free trial then used the patch in Flex 2... I get the push notifications, extra guys load (pardon the pun , and profile swipe... thanks for the tip!

By Dan


1st Dec 2015 09:05

Hey Dale Hay,

Is there something similar code you can find for Scruff and Hornet?

By Jack


7th Dec 2015 16:39

is there an updated Version of the steps. It's not working for me

By zack


7th Dec 2015 16:53

the cascade limit part works for me. But not the crew subscription part. I don't get notifications, I can't filter by height weight etc, and I can't only see the guys that are online.

By Zack


27th Dec 2015 21:34

I downloaded both Flex 2 (cracked) and Grindr today after reading this article.
I went to the steps. Unfortunately, I got stuck looking for *(unsigned int) casecadeLimit*. Can someone tell me what I did wrong?

By Junn


27th Dec 2015 21:45

Sorry, English is my second language. I didn't realized that the spelling is wrong. It's *cascade* WITHOUT an E after the S.

By Junn


19th Jan 2016 01:11

where can i find the first step (1) Add (+) a new App and choose Grindr.) ?

By mehdi


29th Jan 2016 12:04

Hi everybody!
Somebody found some solution for the notifications? Everything its working right, but I dont receive the notifications. I'm using the version 2.2.6 with IOs 9.0.2. Im trying to find some solution using FLEX and others patch then, but still I cant receive anything. If somebody know something, please share with this group.

By Leo-23


8th Feb 2016 07:31

anything for android??? really need the xtra but my card is not supported!

By ali


6th Apr 2016 07:41

This still works to this day. Amazing.

By Ross


9th Apr 2016 17:00

yeh I need this also for my damned android, I had it working on my iphone 6 bud I changed to iphone 6s and there is no jailbreak so now I have android for a while. So please any solution for android?

By raver


17th Apr 2016 23:28

It did not work here sadly. I get "Your grindr xtra subscription has expired. Anyone found how to fix this?

By L


17th Apr 2016 23:32

^ Using Grindr 2.2.8

By L


27th Jun 2016 04:41

if someone blocked me.. anyway i can unblock myself ?

By stud


25th Jul 2016 16:04

Anyone found any way to do this on Android?

By Mojo


27th Jul 2016 17:29

I cant find grindr in Flex... Guessing this has been patched with 2.2.10 :/

By Ihhz


30th Jul 2016 22:19

I cannot find grindr in flex neither! what does this mean?

By jjsmith


31st Jul 2016 22:14

First off. Before anything else. On Cydia. Go to sources and include http://getdelta.co to enable downloading the beta for Flex 3.

Second, under the cloud on Installed, scroll down to Flex, and get the patch called "Flex 3 (Beta)" as well as "Viewable Hidden Apps" enable both. Exit and completely close Flex, including double tapping home button to remove it from background apps.

Third, restart Flex, and under the cloud, scroll down to System Wide, and get the patch called "Speed Up Internet and Browsing All Apps System Wide Patch iOS 9.0.2" It works on any iOS 9 firmware, including 9.3.3. Enable that patch.

Fourth, Click the "+" in the upper right side of Flex and scroll down to Grindr Xtra after you have it installed. Click the excitable, and process it. Keep in mind Flex 3 is a beta, so you might have to scroll back to the list of patches, and open the Grindr patch again to see a ">" beside the excutuable for Grindr Xtra.

Fifth, do as follows:

Interstitialadsenabled - false
Setinterstitialadsenabled - false
Banneradsenabled x 3 - all false
Setbanneradsenabled x 2 - all false
Dailyblocklimit - 2000
Setdailyblocklimit - 2000
Cascadelimit - 10000
Xtrasubscriptiondaysremaining - 30
Setxtrasubscriptiondaysremaining - 30
Xtrasubscriptionsecondsremaining - 120
Setxtrasubscriptionsecondsremaining - 120
Advancedchatenabled - true
Setadvancedchatenabled - true
Pushnotificationsenabled - true
Setpushnotificationsenabled - true
Profileswipeenabled - true
Setprofileswipeenabled - true
Isxtrauser - true
Setisxtrauser - true
Isdevicejailbroken x 2 - both false

Sixth, enable the patch and enjoy :)

By Matthew Friend


2nd Aug 2016 21:06

It worked! Thanks, Matthew Friend!

By Anonymous


2nd Aug 2016 23:42

Thanks for the update, Matthew Friend. It is not working on the August 1st update though. for the older Grindr vision, the notification is not working.

But thank you very much for your work. I appreciated it.



3rd Aug 2016 14:46

Need new Flex tweaks for Aug 1 update.



4th Aug 2016 17:14

These do not work on the new version!

By Dex


5th Aug 2016 02:43

Anyone of you hot geniuses know how to patch the new app?

By Adam


9th Aug 2016 03:50

As of the 3.x version of Grindr, the old Flex hacks are no longer working, and A LOT of things got either removed, or moved to unknown locations. However, you can still get the 2.2.10 version on the store, which still contains the old version and still works. Cross fingers and hope that someone finds a working hack for the 3.x version.

By Matthew


11th Aug 2016 17:07

Anyone of you hot geniuses know how to patch the new app? [2]

We'll be very thankful!! s2

By Eduardo


20th Aug 2016 09:35

Any updates on how to do this with version 3.0.4? Nothing is working since updating.


By lewis


12th Sep 2016 03:37

there is a new update in Flex that will allow you to use the new update for grindr xtra features =)

By Derek


20th Sep 2016 11:10

@Derek, are you talking about patch by "adorerai"?
Patch by "adorer" cosmetically looks working, but I can't get more guys on the grid than in free version. Apparently some variables for paging of cascading are missing /wrong value.

Any genius to reverse engineering to correct existing one or make a better one for v3.x.x ????

By Planet


26th Sep 2016 15:39

Can't find this patch :(

By Eduardo


13th Oct 2016 15:26

they nixxed the old grindr and forced everyone to move to the new one - the grindr xtra patch in flex3 doesn't work - and the one for online only/no banners doesn't let you toggle between online only.. i tried reverse-engineering but didn't really know what i was doing. anyone else have any luck?

By lonnie


14th Oct 2016 11:24

I was forced to update to the new Grindr been useing flex 2 trying to make a patch no luck ! App keeps shutting off

By Peter


16th Oct 2016 22:16


Hey guys. There is a new tweak on FLEX 3, which enables XTRA features. I am going to make this point as detailed as possible. You have to search for the tweak manually (instead of scrolling through your 'installed' section).

1. Download FLEX 3 (from the repo http://getdelta.co) and open it.

2. Click the cloud icon at the bottom (it should be the second option).

3. Enter 'Grindr' into the search box (the fifth box at the top).

4. Download the 'Grindr XTRA features' tweak by andorerai (published on 02/09/16 - that is 2nd September 2016 for the confused Americans).


I take absolutely no credit for the patch. All credit goes to ANDORERAI, but I hope this has helped!

By Anonymous


17th Oct 2016 23:57

IT WORKED!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻



20th Oct 2016 04:20

I missed the window and didn't get to update my iPhone to the iOS 9 version that could be jailbroken. So I'm stuck on iOS 8.4; which means I can't install Flex 3.

Can someone post the contents of the ANDOREAI Flex3 patch so I can try and port it into Flex 2?

By Todd


21st Oct 2016 04:11

Now we just need a working scruff patch lol



23rd Oct 2016 03:27

Anyone who has got Andorerai patch, can you share the source code? The patch has been removed by Flex.



27th Oct 2016 20:09

But how about the notifications? Is possible to enable it?



3rd Nov 2016 13:41

The Grindr xtra features patch does work, but does no show more guys than the free version!

By Peter


21st Nov 2016 07:53


By Marko


1st Dec 2016 18:06


By Akai


1st Dec 2016 18:06


By Akai


12th Jan 2017 20:36

Hey guys,
Nobody got a new way to load more guys through Flex?
Because this is mostly the point of using flex with it.

By Ush


16th Feb 2017 14:55


By Umit


4th May 2017 00:42

Anyone have the patch mentioned in earlier comments? I can't seem to find it anywhere.

By William Corrigan


5th Jun 2017 09:40

here is the patch details from adorerai. I guess it was removed from flex cloud, I couldn't find it either.

Unit for -(id)initWithSecondsRemaining:(double)subscriptionID:(id)

-Argument #1 (double) = 2592000

Unit for -(double)secondRemaining

- Return Value (double) = 2592000

hostJailbroken and isDeviceJailbroken = FALSE

Unit for -(double)subscriptionSecondRemaining

- Return Value (double) = 2592000

Unit for -(id)retrieveBroadcastMessagesForLocation:(id) isXtra:(bool)

- Argument #2 TRUE

Unit for -(id) initWithUserRole:(unsigned long long) subscription:(id)

- Argument #1 (unsigned long long) = 2

Unit for -(unsigned long long) userRole

- Return Value (unsigned long long) = 1

and the rests are

- canLoadNextPage = TRUE, maxCascadePages= 10, suppressLoadNextPage=FALSE

****** This Patch ain't 100% work anymore **
It will enable your status to XTRA user with no banner at the bottom.

- Won't load more guys
- limited blocks
- can't use premium filters

after a few updates up until now there are many units which they have changed. so best of luck if anyone can get something else for XTRA works.

By cixque


29th Jul 2017 13:42

Vhhxfjb hu.

By Hj


31st Jul 2017 18:38

Has anyone made any progress with this? I've tried several variations of flex tweaks to no avail.

By Sammi


13th Jul 2018 01:45

I've been looking into this code again, and man have they made it complicated. Any-one else looking into it too?

By Maam


13th Jul 2018 01:46

I managed to get the "Saved Phrases" working but then didn't know what I changed to make it work and then lost it :/

By Maam


21st Apr 2020 09:20

Is there a hack for this for android at all??

By NewTech


25th Jul 2020 22:15

Grindr xtra let me hookup more I love

By Federico


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