7th Aug 2014 07:37am
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Immunicity Taken Down By UK Police

Back in September 2013, I posted on here how to Bypass Stupid UK Internet Blocks using a nice simple (free) censorship circumvention tool, which bypasses any restrictions that you may get when on the internet set by your ISP via various proxies, called Immunicity.

However, during the early hours of this morning, it came to my attention (after thinking the service was temporarily down) that as of yesterday (August 6th 2014) the site is no longer accessible, in the most recent round of "dodgy" website culls by the UK Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (or Pleb-I mean-PIPCU).

This isn't the only said site that has now been taken offline in this recent round. h33tunblock.info, Katunblock.com, Kickassunblock.info, movie2kproxy.com and Piratereverse.info along with a few more have been taken offline (with some showing a "City of London Police PIPCU" message on them). Along with websites being taken offline, a 20-year-old lad from Nottingham has also been questioned and released on bail. He voluntarily transferred his websites domain name(s) - which were *just* proxies (so nothing illegal or of a P2P nature were actually on the site) - to the control of the Police.


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