9th Apr 2006 06:00am
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This weekend I went on a camping trip to Edale in the Peak District with a small group of people. It was fairly cold and wet, with wind, rain, hail and snow, but on the whole it was fairly funky!

I have taken some pictures on my phone of it all and I've uploaded them too. Feel free to have a browse.

» Camping Trip 2006


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10th Apr 2006 16:18

wish I had gone but I was working all that weekend. Looked cold with all that snow but if you got the right equipment I am sure you kept warm. LOL

By John


10th Apr 2006 16:43

Glad u had fun mr!

By Jonny


10th Apr 2006 22:41

Hey mate, great pics!!! seem you had fun! Tho, it seems you weren't that prepare haha .. sneakers to walk in the snow isn't the brightest idea hahaha
Anyways, where was that? landscape seems nice.

By Lester


10th Apr 2006 22:51

It was in Edale in the Peak District (Above central England - Near Manchester)

By Dale Hay


18th Apr 2006 22:32

Great photos and lovely commentary. Now I can see why you like our show...

By Susie


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