17th Jul 2014 01:09am
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dhIMG TwitterThe previous version of dhIMG Twitter that I released ran into a few problems when Twitter changed the way it shows images, which caused the original program to not fetch any images.

This has now been sorted in this version, so you should now be able to download your images once again.

If a similar problem does arise again, just give me a heads up and I'll try and get around to fixing it as soon as I possibly can.

You can download the latest version from:

For instructions on how to use this program, please check its initial release post here.




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6th Aug 2014 05:00

Very nice app, one can easily download photos from any twitter a/c
but the limit is 1000

By Arka


7th Aug 2014 07:40

Thank you. :)

I am thinking about offering a version that does more than 1,000 images in the not-to-distant future.

By Dale Hay


7th Aug 2014 07:57

I can not download at all. Shit app.

By ax


7th Aug 2014 23:29

What can't you download? The program? Or files from Twitter?

If you're trying to use this on a "locked" profile, it will NOT work.

By Dale Hay


11th Aug 2014 11:32

Hey, that program is pretty awsome, it's going to be quite usefull for me! But why did you put only 1000 as max images? I have some accounts with 2000 images and I'd like to download them all :)

By MisterKontan


12th Aug 2014 07:11

awesome program. but the 1000 limit is making me sad. ludo sad.

By ludo


19th Aug 2014 16:29

Awesome program.
I wanna save original resolution images.
Please add an option.

By Takahiro Karasawa


19th Aug 2014 17:01

The original resolution is what this program downloads. If the quality isn't good, then that is Twitter's problem for compressing the image quality.

By Dale Hay


27th Aug 2014 20:51

Great job, thank you ! Can we expect to download more than 1000 images soon?

By Sparkat


28th Aug 2014 01:12

Hello Sparkat,

Thank you.

I am planning on releasing another version in the not-too-distant future that will allow higher amounts of images to be downloaded.

By Dale Hay


13th Sep 2014 16:50

Great job.
Twitter have options for image URL eg. "xxx.jpg", "yyy.jpg:large" or "zzz.jpg:orig".
Can you add these options for the program?

By piro


14th Sep 2014 16:51

Hey piro,

Thank you. :)

This program does only get the ":large" files - but saves them with the ":large" extension. I haven't came across any difference between ":large" and ":orig" either.

By Dale Hay


22nd Sep 2014 23:27

:orig is actually the original image (after twitter image compression), which in some cases is higher resolution and quality than :large



23rd Sep 2014 10:28

Awesome app!

I tested and confirmed this app doesn't save ":large" files.
760*1024 90KB file on ":large" but 600*804 65KB file was saved.
It would be very nice if you could have a look at it.

By Randy


23rd Sep 2014 10:31

And also there is difference btw ":large" and ":orig" if original files are very big.
it depends on resolution.

By Randy


24th Sep 2014 04:32

I'll get looking into that. :)

By Dale Hay


15th Nov 2014 01:02

Thanks for the great soft! As mentioned in previous comments also asking for higher image limits up to 10k and downlnoad modes for ":large" and ":orig".

By Vessel


27th Dec 2014 17:52

By Kim


4th Jan 2015 16:04

I want to save in orig!

By mokumokupanda


4th Jan 2015 16:06

I want to save in orig

By mokumokupanda


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