11th Jul 2014 05:13pm
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Damn non-smokers!

I have to rant and rave about this issue because it has been doing my head in for a long time now... non-smokers at pubs. First of all, we smokers have been forced outside to smoke to make pubs healthier atmospheres - yeah, talk about killing the atmosphere and global visions of a proper British Pub in favour of it being a place of your piss-dribble conversations over a cup of fucking coffee... I mean coffee?! There's already plenty of places that sell coffee, so why not go there if you want to talk to Betty or Gerald about how you dislike seeing black people on TV or that you think you need a facking hip-replacement... oh and that's not all - noooo.

Then, yes then(!!), you decide to sit in groups around the only area where smokers in the pub can freely sit with a pint and enjoy a cigarette and use them tables so that you can fill the ashtrays with your "I'm sorry you died" card wrappers, cough sweet wrappers and bingo tickets. They're ASHTRAYS! Clue is in the fucking name, "Ash". For. Ash. Then, whilst you're happy to spend 2 hours staring into your cup of African-friendly coffee (that has now formed enough skin on top of it to replace your entire body), you decide to order food! So you're already sitting where WE can only sit... you're not smoking... you're filling up the ashtray with god knows what and then you all have the audacity to moan at us smokers because our smoke is getting into your fillet-o-fucking-fish!

Just do me a favour ... if you are a group of non-smokers, stay away from the smoking area! Don't like it? Sod off home. Same goes for Mother's/Father's who pull a pushchair right up to the smoking tables... I thoroughly hope your toddler is enjoying my offering of free smoke.

As for groups that have a mixture of smokers and non-smokers, you're alright because at least some of you will be using the tables in the way intended and don't cause me stress when being moaned at for smoking in MY (legally) DESIGNATED AREA!



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11th Jul 2014 17:21

Don't drink in weatherspoons...

By greyhoundgeezer


28th Oct 2014 08:15

You tell 'em!

By Rick


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