16th Jun 2014 12:02pm
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Whilst I'm enjoying moaning about things, let's delve into the world of retarded sayings... today, I'll pick on this word "bae".

Now, where do I start... oh yeah, STOP USING IT! It's a ridiculous word that not only DOES NOT stand for "before anyone else" but it also makes you seem stupid using it (if you're not from a certain community [see below].

Let's look a bit closer to the meaning of this word "bae", the first use I could find online - yes, I did have to put myself through the grueling procedure of doing the research, oh, only if I had a shotgun by my side - for it was 14th March 2003, to which it was described as being a bastardisation of the term "babe".

So using that description, we'll use it on two example sentences:
1) I'm with the bae right now
2) When bae farts in bed, it smells cute

With them corrected:
1) I'm with the babe right now
2) When babe farts in bed, it smells cute

Ok, so they're not exactly sounding perfect, but in the loose society we live in these days, I'm sure they'll pretty much pass as alright sentences.

The next bit of information I found pre-dates the above (by a LONG shot!), that the origins of the word actually came from the black community, with terms being used such as "bae bro" and "bae sis" (which would obviously work perfect, "baby bro" and "baby sister"), now this seems fine and legit. The black community have, for many many years had those extra few words that seem perfect, however for the white and yellow communities to use them, it sounds daft and silly... I mean, when was the last time you saw a white girl called Latisha? (And please note, this paragraph is not going along any racial pickings - I'm just stating the obvious)

Another reference to this saying, which may be the reason it (as have many other things too) has came to light, is through a good old internet meme. Back on 9th October 2012 a photo of a girl taking a picture of herself pretending to be asleep appeared on @NostrandAv's Twitter, along with the caption "Females Be Like 'Bae Caught Me Slipping'", this sparked loads of other memes to circulate around the internet too, however the word itself in this picture is obviously meaning "baby".
Bae Caught Me Slipping

Moving on, this term "bae" is now supposedly being used, with people saying that it means "before anyone else", alright, your "babe" would be "before anyone else" because they are your one and only, however a lot fo people are just using it as a an acronym to describe someone you've just basically randomly met or had a one night *cough* slutty *cough* stand with, for "before anyone else", HOW CAN IT MEAN BEFORE ANYONE ELSE AND NOT BABE?!

Two problems wrong with that:
1) The above sentences sound stupid:
- I'm with the before anyone else right now
- When before anyone else farts in bed, it smells cute
2) If you're using "bae" as an acronym, then god-damn CAPITALISE it!

Right, to finalise as it's took me many attempts to write this as I'm getting confused and frustrated at dealing with the word. Based on what I have found, I am sticking with the black community on this one, and "bae" DOES mean "babe". Simple. There is no way I am going to rest my head on seeing it as a backronym (but. even. with. that. it. should. be. capitalised!)


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